YouTube Boxing: Is it effective? 

We live in the digital age, and digital technology has been developing so fast, and we expect even more tech in the future. We expect more innovative things along with the rise of YouTube and other social handles. Nowadays, YouTube and Twitch have made numerous content creators extremely popular and even celebrity status. 

Interestingly, YouTube boxing is widespread, and this social platform significantly influences this combat sport. Due to YouTube, boxing is finally getting mainstream attention due to super fights. Today boxing has been given a new lease on life, and they call it YouTuber boxing. By the time MMA became more popular, YouTube had brought many headlines back to boxing

What is the phenomenon of YouTube Boxing? 

YouTube boxing means social media influencers take part in professional fights. Initially, it was interesting, and people considered it fun, but it got hype afterwards for various reasons. The boxing events started bringing millions in pay-per-view purchases, and huge stadiums bought them in Los Angeles, Miami, London and Manchester. 

You can feel it is not that exciting or intense at first glance, but poring some attention, you will feel it fiercely inspiring. People think that boxing practice on YouTube has breathed a new life into the sport and sparked interest in several people. This innovative thing has introduced a whole new generation of fans for boxing. 

Although stereotype boxing fans have criticized this contemporary sport of YouTube boxing, old school concern is correct as they feel it has degenerated an excellent martial art into just a spectacle. But the spectacle was always part of the martial art, and people loved to see it as entertainment, and now this new thing is helping to revive the sport. 

How did YouTube boxing start?  

This boxing regime started in 2017 when two popular YouTubers, Joe Weller and Theo Baker, faced off a long-anticipated boxing match that gave it a go. Joe Weller had 5 million subscribers, Theo Baker had eight hundred thousand subscribers, and they both posted a fight on Joe’s YouTube channel. It was not such an intense fight; it was just an entertainment video between two amicable friends. 

How did Boxing on YouTube become so popular? 

Boxing is a sport that has allowed various individuals a platform, but organizations’ mismanagement has made it suffer a lot. Weight divisions and belt clogging made it tricky to know the original world champion. Boxing stars won’t get into dramatic fights to preserve their records and star power. 

Now boxing is getting into the mainstream due to YouTubers’ super fights. Celebrities like Jake Paul and KSI are famous and sell more pay-per-views than real boxers. In 2018, two YouTubers, KSI and Joe Weller went head-to-head in a boxing match held at the Copper Box Arena in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

KSI won the match by a technical knockout and by the end of the match he called out the Paul brothers, which brings us to Jake Paul. The fight drew 1.6 million live viewers and 21 million views within a day, and then they got 25 million views over the next several days, making it the biggest white-collar boxing fight in history. KSI was most favourite, but Joe also performed so well until he lost TKO in the third round. 

It was a golden opportunity for the boxers to take the sport to the height of popularity. As they gave it hype like real boxing matches, insults were exchanged, press conferences were held, and a final weigh-in was held. Almost 20 million people have watched the fight, whereas livestream numbers are too high. 

KSI vs Logan Paul 

Logan Paul the older of the Paul brothers had 20 million subscribers, accepted the fight and started training. Simultaneously, KSI’s younger brother Deji with nine million followers, challenged the younger one of the Paul Brothers, Jake Paul, with 19 million subscribers. The anticipated fight got significant hype, was heavily promoted, and press conferences and face-to-face meet up of two of the fighters in Las Vegas and weigh-in before the fight. 

Finally, the match was held with millions of viewers watching the fight. Jake was the heavy favorite and won by TKO in the 5th round. KSI and Logan fought an incredibly close fight that went all six rounds. It was a majority draw, with two judges scoring 57-57 and one scoring 58-57 in favor of KSI. 

Importance of YouTube boxing

Through YouTube boxing, we can see one of the best heavyweight bouts of all time with Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. There is a lot of growing influence of YouTube on boxing. YouTube should host its boxing events, not on that night when the professionals are on the same undercards. With the help of mainstream media significant boxing, promotors made these social media fights legitimate matches in boxing. 

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