Why would you need hand wraps when you have boxing gloves?

Every beginner is conscious about whether they wear hand wraps under boxing gloves for kids or not. And a simple answer to this question is that hand wraps are pivotal for Hand and wrist protection. Moreover, they prevent injuries and avoid devastating impacts while throwing punches. 

After choosing boxing gloves for kids, you need hand wraps with various benefits. There are dozens of fragile bones in your hands, and you need to keep them secure. Hand wraps are there to avoid injuries, twists, sprain, tendons damage, ligaments, and bones in your hands. Wearing it will make you a tight, compact fist and help you align your hands and wrists. 

 How can Punching damage your hands?

Combat sports can have a devastating impact on your hands, which could be very dangerous. While hand striking, protection of hands is necessary, so most boxing professionals recommend hand wraps. Even though blocking strikes by your opponents can impact your hands, especially of kids. Strikes need power, and even dodging a blocking punch can bring hand injury. In addition, blocking can get you hurt from the side, back, or even sometimes the palm of your hand. 

Boxing Gloves for kids cannot protect against these blows, so there is an additional layer to protect your hands with hand wraps. Each one of your Hands has a huge amount of impact with each hit, so you need support from injury. Moreover, tight and well-fitted hand wraps dissipate the shock impact, hold things in place, and support them. 

 When to wear Hand Wraps

  • Essentially, one wears hand wraps while training and using full punch force. One should be diligent enough to protect their wrists while practicing. You will get enough confidence to portray full force whether you qualify solo or shadowboxing. While wearing Boxing Gloves for kids and hand wraps during training, there is less chance of injuries, making you a better boxer.
  • Sparing with your partner, using wraps that time will protect both yourself and your partner. Such practice will keep you away from any injury, and you can perform perfectly in any bout afterward.
  • During all Boxing fights, the health of your hands is essential during any bout. Therefore, wearing it will help you dissipate the punch’s power.

How to choose the right Boxing Hand Wraps 

To choose your Hand wraps, you must do some research work and learn when and how to wear hand wraps. According to training requirements, understand the importance of hand wraps and retain the right type, size, and length. Understand how to wrap your Hand under Boxing Gloves for kids or MMA Gloves and know the kind of gloves you wear with them. Workout on recommended products along with pricing. 

Most importantly, choose hand wraps that are made up the right way. Extra stretches will help you secure your hands and conform to them. There are two types of Hand wraps professional and training ones. As depicted by the name, professional ones consist of layers of gauze and tape. While training wraps are for training, trainers wear them under boxing gloves for kids. 

 Training Hand Wraps

Typically, training hand wraps are stretchable enough to fit the hand tighter. At the same time, some come with thicker material and are not stretchable sufficiently that they work slightly differently. Both types will keep you safe and decrease the risk of injuries. 

Moreover, wraps come in two sizes in terms of length. Therefore, we suggest you go for the longer ones. It will assure you protection, cover the thumb and between all fingers. However, a thinner material will ensure a better fit to perform well during workout sessions. Usually, Boxing trainers use inner gloves and hand wraps depending on the size of the gloves and comfort. 

 Why you should wrap your hands, although having Boxing Gloves for Kids

While wrapping your hands, you need to protect your wrist, knuckles, thumb, and between your fingers. However, a good pair of gloves like Strapro Boxing Gloves for Kids has the first line of defense to prevent injuries. But the hand wraps add insurance to dissipate the impact of the shock. Premium quality wraps ensure maximum protection, provide an adjustable fit, and keep your hands and wrists properly aligned. In fact, for MMA gloves, wraps are incredibly essential as MMA gloves have less padding than Boxing Gloves. In addition, wrapping hands will emphasize staying clear of the palm; therefore, focus on the wrapping method. 

Hand Wraps provide: 

  • Extra padding to protect knuckles from direct hit impact
  • Prevent knuckles from smashing
  • Protection of fingers
  • Reduce sudden thumb movement
  • An additional layer of padding for maximum protection
  • Softening vibrations during strikes
  • Keep the wrist straight
  • Avoid sudden unwanted movements
  • Minimize the risk of hurt.


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