Why do boxers’ hands shake after Boxing?

Have you ever noticed hands shaking after Boxing? After an intensive boxing workout, it is common to feel a little shaky for several reasons. It is always better to note the most common reasons for shaky hands. Usually, your habits during training sessions will determine the reason for the handshaking after a workout. 

Going too hard 

The most common reason for the shaky hands of any boxer is training overly intense. It could be after hitting the heavy bag that takes a lot while putting brutal force. It happens to beginners who do not have much practice hitting a heavy bag, and a lot of force gets dispersed if they do not hit correctly. 

Always mix up your punches, such as light jabs, more brutal jabs, hooks, or some cross. While focusing on footwork, slipping, and properly doing everything will help the fighter in the long run.  

Intense training

As a beginner in Boxing or returning to sport after a long break, there would be such symptoms of shaky hands. It is all because your body is not used to the higher intensity of boxing workouts, and a lot of force is exerted on your arms. 

When any fighter jumps into intensive boxing workouts all of a sudden, it would be more than your muscle’s capacity. Moreover, if you try to throw so many punches in one go, your body needs some time to get used to this new exercise routine. It is always important to go easy on yourself during the beginner phase and try to build strength and endurance gradually. 

Muscle exhaustion 

Muscular exhaustion is also a leading cause of tremors as, during every muscular activity, your motor units receive signals from the brain’s central nervous system. The signals will direct your muscles to move accordingly. Usually, motor units work effectively for smooth movement. 

Therefore, if any fighter is stressed or tired, motor units cannot work with much efficiency. Such symptoms will end up with jerky movement, and then hands will start shaking.  

Lack of proper nutrition 

Proper nutrition is fundamental to keep your body functioning as a lack of protein can cause weakened muscles that lead to the shakiness of muscles. It could happen due to hypoglycemia, high caffeine intake, or dehydration. 

Folate and B12 deficiency can cause hand tremors and other neurological problems. Improper eating habits such as skipping meals or not consuming enough nutrients can contribute to shaky hands. Whereas eating a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables will help to keep your body performing smoothly. 

The human body converts glucose into the fuel during any intense workout. Hence, high-level training over a long period will deplete glucose formation. Eventually, there will not be enough fuel, and muscles will feel shakiness. 

The other reason could be dehydration, as exercising hard will cause sweat, which means losing plenty of water. It will include electrolytes that control your nerves and muscles, so it can cause your muscles to suffer. 

At the same time, many people prefer to have coffee as a sports drink to feel energetic. Keep in mind that amount of caffeine intake can cause inhibition of the motor nerve, which will lead to shakiness hands. 

Low energy levels 

Do not restrict yourself to calorie intake, as that could be the potential reason for shaky hands. Lack of energy will also cause muscle fatigue and affect your overall workout consistency.

As we know, Boxing is a contact sport that demands a lot of energy and is crucial to maintain your energy levels adequately. If you eat an unhealthy diet, eat less food, or do not focus on organic food, you have improper nutrition that will eventually lower your energy level after intense training drills.  

Improper hand wraps

Boxers usually wrap their hands to ensure protection during boxing practice. If you wrap your hand too tightly or incorrectly, it will cause your hands to shake due to reduced blood circulation. 

Improper technique

Whether an amateur or a skilled boxer, you can perform improper techniques during practice, including tightening your fist sooner than needed, which can cause fatigue and excessive shaking. Please keep your hands relaxed and clench them right before hitting the target. 

For the landing of proper punches, seek help from your coach or practice at home with the right equipment. Learn to keep your hand relaxed for a long time and focus on the way you throw punches. Just fix your punching technique through practice.  

A concluded note: 

There are various reasons boxers’ hands shake after intense boxing training. So, it is essential to keep your base foundation strong while focusing on the things that can help to avoid this problem. It is not just about boxing workouts but also about your diet plan and nutrient intake. Adopt proper punching techniques to avoid such inconvenience by hard practice with proper boxing gear. 

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