Who has the best posture in UFC? 

There are several fighters in the UFC, but some have unique styles with the best posture they are remembered forever. MMA fighters started to become well-rounded, singular, one-dimensional martial arts techniques do not exist much now.
While customizing any character, one can edit the fighter’s stance, selecting from various presets stances of real fighters. The stance we choose impacts significantly fighting style, as strikers prefer to have their hands high to land and block strikes, while grapplers prefer to drop their hands to prepare themselves to deal with takedowns.  

Moreover, southpaw fighters have a particularly unique style as they are typically left-handed and relatively uncommon to come across. Southpaw can change the dynamic during a fight, whereas many fighters practice with orthodox fighters. Although orthodox fighters can switch things up, that can make them even more incredible.    

   Andrei Arlovski    

The best thing about Arlovski is his style, the way he blends striking and grappling techniques. His style makes him land takedowns against the opponent and keeps them on their toes when rocked. Such posture helped him to work against weak grapplers, especially in the fight when the opponent is not anticipating any takedown.    

He uses this stance to start on the feet, move to wrestle, and land continuous strikes. His stance is comfortable and loose, a good blend of mixed strikes and wrestling, good for footwork and movement that help grappling.    

   Anderson Silva   

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has unique, striking skills that make his submission not to handle. His technique is a blend of taunts, odd stances, and unorthodox strikes, creating a fighting style that many fighters usually lack.    

Front kicks to the face to leave his hands down and practically doing with opponents, whereas Silva’s style is its own.    

   Conor McGregor (with the best posture in UFC)    

McGregor has had a significant impact on MMA promotions all over the world while making an impact in the UFC. Even people dream of making an impact like him with his incredible ability and undeniable personality.    


His stance made him an immediate needle mover, while the effectiveness of his wide slant and lethal left hand made him a notorious striker in the game. The science behind his movement was simple: adopting a wide stance as it was free to bounce fluidly in and out of range. At featherweight, McGeorge’s 74″ reach is an advantage for him that is wide as the wide gap between his heels.    

Blend of his understanding of distance and distance and range, and he mastered the ability to land straight left. McGregor relied less on his karate-influenced stance and navigating distance smoothly as he moved up in weight; instead, he opted for an exclusive boxing-centric stance at 155 and 170 pounds. He emphasized fighting left, planting the feet, and sitting into his punches; he replaced it with hoping in and out of range to land a perfect counter.    

Left hand:    

McGregor’s style is about his left hand; as in UFC history, he made many opponents sleep with his Celtic Cross. His speed and accuracy made him the most dangerous guy, and boxing people think he had a superpower within his knuckles. His left hook was also a lethal punch; now, his amateur boxing experience is widely exaggerated, and his left cross and lead hook are widely taught inside the gym.    

The left cross and lead hook are carefully honed over the years, notably his hook, as his left-hand causes devastation to any of his opponents.    

Mind games:  

Conor McGregor is hilariously witty, works as a stand-up comedian, and taunts opponents and puts them down. He had studied the great masterminds of combat, accompanied with off-handed remarks, and he knew what he was doing. His unique psychological strengths ended his ability to fight with his words and kill their essential part.    


McGregor, the Irishman’s defense, has changed significantly from his early UFC days; he relied on his footwork and reflexes with an excellent understanding of range while trusting his headwork and guard. McGregor has boxing abilities and had the first knockout loss of his career at UFC 257.
His style depended on his ability to navigate his opponent’s attacking power. He has unexceptional defensive skills as he has considerable reach and height advantages and is not as dangerous above 145 pounds.    

   Nick Diaz   

Nick Diaz applied some unique, striking techniques during his mixed martial arts practice. He is one of those few punchers in Mixed Martial Arts who effortlessly string combinations together with a unique approach to striking.
He can knock out his opponents with only one punch, the one after dozens of punches that have already landed on you.    

   Jon Jones   

Jones is tall with a striking-based stance that helps to mix punches and kicks for brutal kickboxing combos. Spinning back elbows kicks to the knee, and crawling around on the floor, makes him UFC light heavyweight champion.    

His range allows him to perform an array of unorthodox strikes, and his wrestling gives him the confidence to deal with his opponents without any fear of taking them down.
His unique style makes him mix punches and kicks, and the tough stance keeps his opponent guessing to predict his range.    

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