Which top Judo fighters are also UFC fighters? 

Judo is the oldest form used in combat sports, as it serves as a robust grappling base for navigating and dominating the opponent inside the clinch. However, various disciplines are used in mixed martial arts, so it would be a mixture of multiple forms of combat to enhance competition. Judo’s effectiveness has never been questioned since the early days and has been part of modern MMA since the beginning. Although Judo could not get that fame, it is valuable enough, and one must practice it well with Judo gi. 

Judo is one of the most prominent forms of combat in mixed martial arts, and one must opt for premium quality martial arts uniforms for intense training drills. Judo involves throwing techniques and takedowns to secure a better position over your opponent. This type of martial arts continues to grow in popularity due to its use in the UFC. 

There have been many great Judo fighters who are also the best UFC fighters, a few you may already know and some of them you have never heard of before. And they are some of the best UFC fighters to incorporate Judo in their fights. 

Karo Parisyan

Karo was a famous name and a very skilled judoka in the Judo world. The former UFC welterweight contender is a black belt in Judo and a 10-time world champion in professional competitions.

He competed at the 2004 Olympic Judo trials. In addition, he compiled a 9-4 UFC record and defeated notable combatants.

He beat some huge names such as Nick Diaz, Matt Sera, and Chris Lytle. Parisyan was a powerful Judo fighters who could dominate his opponents with throws and takedowns during his prime. However, Karo had a good run and never fought for the UFC title. 

 Ronda Rousey  

Ronda is the true face of Judo in MMA and put a lot of effort into putting it on the map. Ronda comes to mind whenever we hear words of Judo as she was the first female UFC champ and dominant one. Undoubtedly, Ronda is the queen of Judo regarding mixed martial arts. She has achieved:  

  • Strikeforce 135lbs champion
  • UFC 135lbs champion (six title defences)
  • Pan American champ
  • Pan American Games Gold medalist
  • US Open gold medalist
  • Bantamweight

 Ronda was about setting her Judo skills inside the cage as she put her hip throws and sweeps to work from the opening seconds of the fight while not allowing the opponent a chance to defend against it. She follows the takedown with substantial-top control and her signature armbar move. 

The first woman to be signed to the UFC, Ronda was the first to claim the title of champion. Her first fight would be the main event of UFC 157 against Liz Carmouche.
She was a crowd favorite due to her expert and tactical use of Judo in her fights. She maintained nine armbar finishes in her MMA career, depending on her use of Judo. 

 Yoshihiro Akiyama

Yoshihiro was a Japanese MMA sensation and one of the most charismatic fighters in history, as he was a true showman. Before joining the UFC, he established himself as a combat sports superstar in Asia. Being into Judo since age three, Akiyama posed a very high-level Judo game and implemented it throughout his career. The Japanese native holds two gold medals in Judo competitions and 15 wins in mixed martial arts. However, he had an unsuccessful Judo career; Akiyama was a big star both in Japan and Korea. 

Vitor Belfort 

Vitor is notably known for his explosive knockout power as he was a black belt in Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The former UFC champion spent most of the second half of his career knocking down opponents.

He used his ground game consistently early in his career to beat his opponents. He holds victories over Luke Rockhold, Wanderlei Silva, Michael Bisping, and Dan Henderson. 

 Khabib Nurmagomedov 

Khabib is one of the best UFC fighters in history, as he was the most incredible Lightweight in the octagon of UFC. He holds a black belt in Judo and is an international master of sport in this game. Being the former UFC lightweight champion, he is one of the most dominant grapplers in MMA history. 

He is not just a dominant UFC champ but the greatest 155lbs fighter in the history of MMA and a hero to many people. At 21, he secured 11 wins by submissions and recorded as a fighter for most takedowns landed in UFC history. 

Due to his unmatchable dedication, he became the world combat sambo champion twice, whereas Sambo is a combination of wrestling and Judo techniques. The grappling pedigree made him cement his legacy in UFC with 13 fights for 13 victories and an undefeated MMA record. 

 A concluded note

We have put some effort into introducing some of the best Judo fighters in UFC history. Mixed Martial arts is not about a single discipline, and Judo is one of the most important disciplines. To practice Mixed Martial Arts, Especially Judo, one must be very careful regarding comfort and safety. Check StarPro combat to get the quality gear like mixed martial arts uniforms and Judo gi without breaking the bank. 

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