Where to buy boxing gloves for training, sparring, and competition? 

Boxing gloves are an essential instrument of combat sport that ensures protection from any severe damage to your and your opponent’s hands. Boxers wear gloves during intense practice or competitions to deliver more forceful punches. The primary purpose for wearing the right pair of gloves is to protect the hands of the striker. In addition, it sustains fewer facial injuries and makes other injuries less severe and superficial. However, various boxing gloves are available for competition, sparring practices, and several types of pieces training.  

Even in the archaic version of sports, we can see fighters wrap their hands, especially thumbs and wrists. Because the protective layer in gloves will protect the fragile bones of the hands, which have direct contact with the hard casing of the skull, avoid any damage while placing more complex and more frequent strikes and avoid any detrimental effect of head trauma. 

Boxing is the most popular and recognizable sport in the world and the most dangerous sport. Therefore, the best boxing gloves are the essential parts of the boxing gear; they are like the logo for boxing. 

Dig deeper to find the right pair of boxing gloves that come with comfort and style, with top quality pair of gloves. Before getting to know the main types of boxing gloves, we must understand the fundamental factors that differentiate them. Such as adequate padding and sufficient wrist support to prevent injury. So, your chosen gloves won’t let you down, and one can get plenty of use out of them as they can withstand the impact of the hit. 

Boxing gloves size 

Keep in mind that the right size of gloves will improve your accuracy, spreading out the force of your punches for a wide area. Size is fundamental when finding the perfect pair of gloves for a new fighter. Sizes of gloves depend on the weight class of the fighter, ranging from 8 to 18oz.   

Weight and padding 

The correct weight and padding as heavier and thicker gloves are appropriate for sparring, but one cannot strike hard and slows the momentum of punches. Gloves with less padding are suitable for a real fight. The weight of the glove will increase with the circumference of the fighter’s hand. 

Type of closure 

The closure type will also decide the kind of gloves, like Velcro, which is easy to detach and valuable for training and sparring. On the other hand, many fighters found lace closure snugger, tight fit with greater comfort, and most suitable for professional fights.   


Manufacturing material for gloves must ensure durability according to the needs of the training. High-quality crafted gloves will provide the best performance and protection and deliver a premium feel. 

 Training boxing gloves 

A training boxing glove is the most common glove and comes in various colors and weights. These are ideal for intense training drills with dense foam padding over the knuckles. 

Thick foam padding will provide shock absorption and ensures protection while striking and hard hit. 

The manufacturing material is usually leather to ensure durability, and other options are available, such as Neoprene and Synthetic leather. 

A stiff lace-up wrist support or hook-and-loop closure, which we call Velcro wrap, will offer good stability. 

Training gloves are critical in boxing workouts as they protect knuckles, hands, and wrists during these training sessions. 

Before buying Boxing training gloves, measure your weight, and check out Starpro combat gear after ensuring the right glove weight to pick the right one for you. 

  Sparring gloves 

Best sparring gloves weigh from 16oz to 18oz due to more padding to avoid hurt to your partner. While talking about these gloves, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. 

This pair of gloves are more significant than training and bag gloves, with softer padding that distributes force to dissipate the impact of force. 

StarPro sparring gloves are created by analyzing all kinds of possible fighting injuries based on many years of sparring experience. These gloves provide perfect protection against wounds while absorbing the energy of hard blows and ensuring excellent wrist and finger mobility to accomplish fighting techniques. 

  Competition gloves 

Competition or fighting gloves are specific for boxing fight nights. These gloves weigh from 8oz, 10oz to 12oz, depending on the type and promoter. The standard regulating competition gloves are further broken down into amateur or professional, depending on the weight class and division. 

Investing in a pair of competition gloves is always wise, as that meets all the regulations for the fighter who wants to go professional. 

These gloves are similar to premium training gloves but feature stiffer padding for a more significant impact on the opponent. 

Most competitive boxing standards require these gloves with lace-up closure compared to hook-and-loop closure to avoid any potential snagging. 

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