What is White Collar Boxing? 

The White-Collar Boxing sport is quite popular nowadays as it is pretty different and intended to be fun. Two individuals with white-collar jobs wearing Boxing Gloves with no boxing experience train to fight special events. After the rise of YouTube, Boxing variation in Boxing is appreciating with enhanced viewership. Boxing is practiced for an audience of all sizes; therefore, interpretation like white-collar Boxing is practice all over the globe. However, it is like a social club but still comes with subtle differences, but they do exist. Predominantly white-collar workers are participants with no prior boxing experience. 

How did it become a Globally Recognized sport?  

White Collar Boxing term widened in recent years, and this term is relatively new. It was probably started in the 1990s in Wall Street when city boys trained infamous amateur boxing gyms and now gone to almost every centre worldwide. A single gym owner in New York hosted monthly events for his clients, and it went well. Then it went into the city in London and went to any financial centre like Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. 

Boxing Associations: 

Everything between professional Boxing at the very top run by the British Boxing Board of Control and highly regulated. At the same time, amateur Boxing is run by the Amateur Boxing Association of England in the UK. This sports term is a relatively new addition. It started a few decades ago, but several associations were quick to form. The two most prominent associations are ‘The International Association’ (IWCBA) and the World White Collar Boxing Association (WWCBA). The first one was founding back in 2001 to regulate matches with the assurance of competitors safety. The association adopted weight divisions and provided an experienced doctor and paramedic ringside. 

However, WWCBA was founding in 2007 in London to regulate and promote the sport worldwide. This association keeps track of boxers’ regional, national and global rankings and enables competitors to fight for championship titles. 


Although White-Collar Boxing bouts fall outside the Amateur or Professional Boxing Bodies regulations. Safety equipment requirements are similar to Amateur or Professional codes. Regarding Boxing equipment, there could be certain variations like the weight of Boxing Gloves, provision of head guards or other protective gear. However, in White-Collar Bouts no formal regulation about the age, weight or experience of fighters. 

Essentially, there is no rule-set require for something, and typically, these bouts consist of three two-minute rounds. Three games of two minutes and two approaches are for scoring. A referee will determine to be the judge of the fight and award a winner as a conclusion according to WWCBA rules, or any bout can be declare a ‘no-decision’ draw if there is no knock-out according to IWCBA rules. 

A Concluded Note: 

White Collar Boxing allows inexperienced professionals to enter the ring with Boxing Gloves on, with appropriate rules according to the fighter’s skill levels. This form of Boxing comes with a rich history with millions of viewership around the globe, and there are no signs of slowing it down.  

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