What is rabbit Punch, and how to do it? 

If anyone wants to know what is a Rabbit Punch? It is a blow that usually lands on the back of the head or top of the neck. A dangerous technique is banned almost by all Martial Arts tournaments. An illegal strike, potentially lethal as hunters kill rabbits by this technique by a quick strike on their head. Now we have come to know what rabbit punch is? It has the same effects on humans, including potential unconsciousness and severe injuries. Furthermore, it is dangerous enough to damage the spinal cord or brain detachment and many complications. 

 What is a Rabbit Punch in Boxing or MMA?  

In Boxing, a rabbit punch lasts on the back of an opponent’s head, back of the neck, and the skull base. Historically, it is inhumane to kill a rabbit by placing the thumb on the bottom of the rabbit’s skull. When the head of the rabbit is snapped back, the rabbit immediately goes unconscious. 

Moreover, in Boxing & MMA, the punch lands to the back of the head, behind the ears, or the point where the neck meets the shoulders. These are very common in Boxing due to excessive head movement. Similarly, it can have the same effects on boxers as rabbits. In Boxing, any punch slips and lands on the opponent’s head while leaning down. Even while performing clinch, it can occur. 

Whereas in MMA and Kickboxing, Rabbit punch is not that common due to subtle movement of the head. Although if anyone fighter is in a mounted position on the floor, rabbit punches are dangerous. But usually, in MMA, fighters strike using elbows, kicks, knees, etc.

 Why are the Rabbit Punches dangerous? 

While talking about the dynamics of Rabbit punches, we must be clear that it is a pretty dangerous blow. Generally, it targets the back of the head, which is quite sensitive for various reasons. Being exposed is the proximity to the spinal cord, which is a significant part of the Central Nervous System. And Spinal Cord damage can cause paralysis and Brain Stem. Furthermore, it comes with the risk of developing life-threatening injuries. 

While talking about the Brain Stem in detail, it is located at the skull base. The Brain stem is a critical component of motor and sensory systems and nerve controlling functions. This area is sensitive enough to cause life-changing impairment and fatal injuries—loss of consciousness with noticeable symptoms in life. Therefore, we need Combat Coaching equipment to deal with such catastrophic injuries. 

Why are the Rabbit Punches dangerous?

 Penalties for throwing Rabbit Punches

If the rabbit punch looks unintentional, the referee will take no action. However, the referee can take action if the offending fighter does it repeatedly. The referee has to focus on whether the punch is intentional or not. How hard blow was, the damage is done, or a hurt fighter continuing the fight or not. Primarily, Referees issue a severe warning or sometimes pause the battle to stop striking. 

If the fighter keeps repeating fouls, the referee will deduct his points. Or maybe the offending fighter loses the fight by disqualification if the punch is intentional. Usually, there are two outcomes if the referee stops the fight after an unintentional punch. If they stop the fight before the fourth round, it is a technical draw. However, if they stop fighting due to injury after the fourth round, then the decision is left to judges. Additionally, if the opponent cannot continue after punch and continue the fight, the referee can disqualify the fighter who threw that punch. 

 A Concluded Note: 

A Rabbit Punch is a blow to the back of the head that can cause severe injury even death. In combat sports, this punch is illegal and prohibited. Star combat comes with coaching equipment to ensure safety and avoid fatal injuries during the fight. Penalties for such punches depend on the boxer’s intention and if the blow leads to damage. 

 Frequent Answer Questions (FAQs)

Are Rabbit Punches being completely illegal?

 Suppose any fighter gets stuck at the back of the head by an opponent and continuously throws punches to achieve a knockout. If they do not call it intentional, the offending fighter will not be penalized for making a punch. 

 What are the risks of Rabbit Punches? 

There are various deadly effects of such punches. That includes unconsciousness and severe injuries to the brain, neck, and spinal cord. 

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