What is dirty boxing? Dirty boxing moves

Boxing is a challenging sport with cuts, blows to the face, ankle sprains, concussions, hand injuries, etc. But unfortunately, it can be dirtier than that. Dirty boxing is a term used for fighting and boxing inside the clinch and could be a very effective technique if the fighters perform it right.   

It is a controversial topic and has become a popular terminology in the boxing world. Over the years, dirty tactics adopted by so many great fighters have been rooted in fighting culture. As long as the fighter practices well with suitable boxing gloves to perform it well, it could be an effective technique.   

What is dirty boxing exactly?   

Dirty boxing is when any fighter continues throwing punches from the clinch position while holding one hand on the opponent’s head. At the same time, the other hand landing punches on them while gaining a tactical advantage. In short, it is all about using strikes from the clinch, and both fighters exchange blows simultaneously. In the boxing world, we call it dirty boxing to describe a set of unorthodox boxing techniques in combat that are on the borderline of being illegal. Before applying these techniques, one must understand dirty boxing and know how to defend yourself against an opponent who uses these tactics properly.   

it is a dark art, fouling an opponent with various techniques while twisting and bending the rules to gain a slight competitive advantage.     

What could be the point of dirty boxing?   

Sometimes dirty boxing can be considered legal and could be an excellent tactic to win fights unconventionally. For instance. If there is a good striker who can kick you from a distance and you cannot close the space, you will probably lose the fight. Here comes the dirty boxing that will allow you to secure a clinch while starting hitting your opponent. it can harm your opponent and won’t get you an instant knockout. It is all about learning how to clinch correctly, and one must learn it through intense training drills with boxing gloves. As it is profoundly important.     

What is the essence of the term “Dirty Boxing”?   

The term dirty boxing could be derived from the striking element of Filipino martial arts Suntukan, but we do not have a precise record. Suntukan puts a lot of emphasis on self-defense and dirty street fighting tactics like eye gouging and groin strikes. In modern boxing and MMA, we see dirty boxing moves like headbutts, forearm strikes, hammer fists, back fists, shoulder butts, and elbow strikes.   

it could be an essential tool in street fighting, including close-range grabbing, pulling, or ground fighting. Best dirty boxing moves initiate the clinch, and one can land Muay Thai elbow and knee strikes. It includes all self-defense techniques like headbutts, hammer fists, and eye gouging, which are very useful.   

Dirty boxing Moves   

Mixed Martial Arts is highly regulated, but there are some dos and don’ts that fighters need to follow. We will guide you with some  combinations which are used in MMA battles:   


In older MMA organizations once headbutts were legal, but in modern MMA, these are not allowed as these moves are dangerous and deadly. Headbutts are great force equalizers that strikers use against wrestlers during MMA competitions but remember that forehead to forehead can cause concussions for both fighters.   

Elbow strikes   

Elbow strikes are illegal in boxing and MMA but are commonly used as a bullying method to distract the opponent and make him retreat. An elbow strike effectively changes the game in a matter of seconds.   

Shoulder strikes   

Shoulder strikes are not illegal during the grappling exchange or when both fighters are on the ground. Usually, fighters apply this move while leaning toward their opponents’ shoulders to protect their heads from punching. In addition, it allows the fighters to thrust themselves toward the opponent’s chest to make him off balance.   


One of the most common dirty boxing strategies in Mixed martial arts is where a fighter pushes his opponent toward the floor. However, it is not entirely legal, so fighters apply it as a fake or an accident.   


An important boxing technique and considered a strategic move that stifles an offense, but it’s not a legal move. An essential self-defense tool, fighters use it to get double over-hooks and headlocks.   

Is it necessary to learn dirty boxing?   

Dirty boxing can be very effective in competitions where you must defend yourself. If these dirty techniques we apply correctly, they can do miracles, but one needs the right movement tactics after learning from intense training drills with suitable boxing gloves.   

A Final Note:  

Dirty boxing is not technically illegal but is also not allowed in competitions. It could be pretty dangerous but has become part of boxing and MMA culture. One can learn by learning striking arts like Boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai. The fighter can understand well how to throw elbows, knees, and head positions in any clinch.   

To practice these techniques well, one must choose premium quality boxing gloves without breaking your bank.   

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