What Does Undisputed Mean in Boxing

Boxing is a competitive combat sport of fighting with one’s fists, also called pugilism and prizefighting. Boxing as we know it made its debut in the Olympic Games in St. Louis, the USA in 1904 and has since been a staple competition in the Olympics. For millennia it came to fisticuffs for people to resolve their disputes before someone thought of organizing such fights as entertainment.

However, ancient boxing hardly resembles the sport we love today. All fights were carting out in open areas surrounded by spectators. The fight would usually last until one of the opponents was severely injured and could not continue. Although the first boxers essentially fought to settle disputes or for personal glory. The winners were also grant livestock, a coin purse of gold or other trophies. An undisputed mean in boxing and champion is a fighter who holds all four major championship belts (IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO) in a division.

Who was the first winner of a boxing championship?

 Ancient boxing continuously evolved and was first accepted as an Olympic sport in 688 BC at the 23rd Olympiad in Olympia. Onomastos of Smyrna became the first Olympic boxing champion in history.

Winner of boxing Championship


What does undisputed mean in boxing

 In modern day professional boxing, the undisputed champion of a weight class is the boxer who holds world titles from all of the major sanctioning organisations simultaneously.

These organisations are the WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO.

World Boxing Association (WBA)

Is the oldest out of the four major organizations which sanction professional boxing bouts. Founded in the United States in 1921 as the NBA, in recognition of boxing’s growing popularity worldwide the name was changed in 1962 and other nations were made members.

Current Heavyweight (Super) Champion: Anthony Joshua (UK) since December 7th, 2019

World Boxing Association

World Boxing Council (WBC)

The WBC was establish when the representatives of the founding 11 countries: the United States, Puerto Rico, Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, the Philippines, Panama, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil met in Mexico City in 1963 to form an international organization to unify all commissions of the boxing world.

Current Heavyweight Champion: Tyson Fury (UK) since February 22nd, 2020

World Boxing Council

International Boxing Federation (IBF)

In 1983, Robert W. Lee, Sr., the president of the United States Boxing Association (USBA), after losing his bid to become WBA president. Withdrew along with other members and his supporters from the WBA convention after the election and decided to organize a third, world-level organization, to co-exist with the WBA and the WBC. Formed as USBA-International and later renamed the International Boxing Federation, based in New Jersey.

Current Heavyweight Champion: Anthony Joshua (UK) since December 7th, 2019

International Boxing Federation

World Boxing Organization (WBO)

The fourth major world championship group. The WBO was start after a group of Puerto Rican and Dominican stakeholders broke out of. You guessed it the WBA’s annual convention held in 1988 in Isla Margarita, Venezuela over disputes regarding the application of rules.

Current Heavyweight Champion: Anthony Joshua (UK) since December 7th, 2019

World Boxing Organization

There are currently no undisputed heavyweight champions in the four-belt era but with a Joshua v Fury bout we could very well see ourselves an undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

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