What do you need to start Boxing?

Suppose anyone plans to switch to a healthy lifestyle through Boxing to stay fit. Boxing is an inexpensive and easy sport with a lot of equipment to keep your body moving. A boxing workout is the best option if you are looking for a way to burn calories quickly or build stamina. Boxing exercises are a source of cardio and strength training while improving overall fitness, balance, and coordination. 

While connecting to the sweet science of Boxing, keep in mind that it is a contact sport so getting hit is inevitable, so one must need proper boxing equipment to stay safe. Boxing might be tricky for beginners, but after learning the appropriate form, you become comfortable throwing hard punches.

 Find a space for boxing training

While going to boxing practice, before getting to the punch bags or boxing gloves, assess the space where you need to move around quickly while boxing workouts. Learning how to box is a personal goal, and once you decide to achieve this goal, you will start looking for boxing equipment to help you achieve it. Find a peaceful space in your home where you can practice well while keeping your belongings safe. 

 What equipment do you need to start Boxing? 

The kind of boxing equipment will depend on the type of boxing training; whether you want to compete or need a quality workout, you are training with or without a partner. There are boxing training basics: if you have a partner to practice with, you need sparring gloves, head gear, groin gear, and a mouthguard. In comparison, if you plan to train without a partner, you will go for hand wraps, bag gloves, skipping rope, and a heavy bag. 

 Boxing gloves 

The market for boxing gloves is quite overwhelming, but we must focus on the best ones for beginners. Boxing gloves for beginners: 

  • Training gloves or Bag gloves
  • Competition gloves or Sparring gloves

 The fundamental purpose of using boxing gloves is to provide enough protection for the hands while working out on a heavy bag. Among numerous boxing gloves, one must focus on safety and comfort. Moreover, investing with a molded thumb is a good idea, and of course, a snug fit with lightweight will make them great for beginners. 

 Hand Wraps 

Hand wraps are essential in Boxing to protect all tiny bones in your hands and wrists. It protects your knuckles and prevents your wrists from spraining or breaking while throwing heavy punches. It provides the first layer of padding, and the fighter gets confidence in the ring and the pads and bags. 

Hand wraps are best for extending the life of your boxing gloves as they collect the blood and sweat and stop it from dripping into your gloves. They come in various sizes and styles, and one can wrap them differently. Starpro hand wraps are breathable, durable, lightweight, and durable enough that they do not cause excess padding during training or sparring gloves. 

Boxing heavy bag 

If a beginner is going to practice at home, one must invest in a durable heavy bag. But if you are planning to train in a gym, there is no need to invest in a heavy bag. There are plenty of options to choose from as they are available in leather, vinyl, or canvas. Along with this, they come with a mount to attach to the ceiling or any stand. While hanging it on the top, make sure it should be secure. 

Our professionals will suggest the ideal weight of a punching bag is 70 pounds, whether hard or soft filled. But a heavier bag is always a better choice than a light one as the extra weight will keep it from swinging if they face a power punch. 

A heavy bag will help any fighter learn versatility and various techniques, including punches, uppercuts, and hooks. 

 Boxing headgear

Boxing headgear is essential for live sparring to save you from cuts and scrapes. It will protect you from repeated punches to the head. Although one can still get a concussion or head-related injury, it will decrease the chances of injuries. 

There are various styles of headgear, and one must choose the minimal one that only shows one’s eyes and protects more sensitive areas such as cheeks, chin, and ears from injury. 

 Boxing mouth guard 

A mouthguard is essential for beginners, especially when sparring. It will protect your teeth from being knocked out and any cut on lips after a jab on the face. 

 Groin protector 

When sparring, any beginner must use a groin protector, a great option to keep your sensitive areas. 

 A Concluded note: 

No matter what the level is, Boxing is a great way to get in shape. Therefore, if you want to practice boxing at home, you can start at any time and enter the realm of a healthy lifestyle. One can make the most out of this contact sport by investing in good quality equipment. 

Check out Starpro combat boxing gear with durability and longevity without breaking the bank. 

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