What are the best boxing gloves for fighting? 

Boxing and combat sports can serve as great fitness disciplines as they combine cardiovascular, strength and agility training elements. But to perform effectively and safely, you need the right gear, especially a solid pair of combat boxing gloves. A quality pair of gloves is vital equipment that ensures ultimate comfort and protection during intense boxing training sessions or competitions. 

Many combat sports, including boxing, have progressed, so they have several models and styles, but finding the right one is pretty overwhelming. If the workout involves throwing punches like boxing or hitting heavy bags, you must invest in good quality boxing gloves. A good pair will help protect your wrists and small bones in your hands from any minor or severe injury. Extracting our research, you must know that combat boxing gloves are well-fitted, comfortable and ensures proper protection. 

What to look for in Boxing gloves?

Choosing the right pair of gloves is pretty daunting as there are many options that are quite confusing. Before buying, you should consider how you intend to use your boxing gloves. Critical factors can play a vital role in your boxing training experience.

Types of boxing gloves 

Types of gloves depend on boxing activities, whether you want sparring, training, bag work, amateur fighting or fitness training. All gloves are designed for a particular purpose, as you cannot use sparring gloves for bag work. 

Sparring gloves protect you and your sparring partner from injuries during training. On the other hand, bag gloves can protect your hands and are never designed to protect your target. Training gloves have ample padding to ensure protection, while professional fighting gloves are only for fighting. And amateurs fighting gloves usually promoters provide. 

Using the wrong gloves can be potentially dangerous in worst-case situations. Therefore, put together all the information to determine what kind you need. 

Fit and function 

The size of gloves depends on the weight we measure in ounces; that’s why each brand has an appropriate sizing chart that interrelates to a user’s height, weight and hand circumference. Heavier gloves mean more padding and more giant in build. 

We suggest that more prominent fighters opt for heavier combat boxing gloves, such as 16oz. Less weight of gloves can affect your speed, and your hands will be faster. Get the right gear for the suitable activity; listening to your instructor with experience is essential. 

Follow the brand’s size chart that will help you to find a comfortable and snug-fit pair of gloves that will significantly affect the efficiency of any fighter. Ensure that the wrist is firm, there is adequate padding on the knuckles and a bar to grab well and make a good fist. It is adequately sized, a snug glove with comfort and dexterity to throw punches and jabs without any potential injury. 


Typically, manufacturers use leather and vinyl for making gloves, and beginner’s vinyl gloves are suitable. These training gloves are also affordable and come with Velcro closures, making them easier to put on. 

On the other hand, professionals use leather gloves due to their durability. After developing primary techniques and skills in boxing, any fighter needs a durable pair of gloves, and leather gloves are way more durable than vinyl gloves. 


The fundamental role of combat boxing gloves is to ensure protection and reduce the impact of the hit. But remember that heavier padding will reduce the speed, and less padding will make you land the faster hits with accuracy. 

 Lace-up vs. Hook-and-loop closure 

We recommend Velcro or lace-up gloves for boxing training, sparring and heavy bag practice. They are easy to pull off and put on without external assistance and can easily bruise your opponent’s face. Hook-and-loop gloves still provide plenty of wrist support without needing a dedicated training partner who helps you lace up every time.

 In comparison, professional fighters use lace-up gloves as they fit snugly, and there is no chance of slippage. But lace-up gloves one cannot wear without external assistance.

A concluded note

We have tested several top-tier boxing gloves, considering the fit, comfort, durability, and other features. Again, we suggest you look for boxing gloves that provide ventilation, durable stitching, and ergonomics with a comfortable feel. Moreover, they help to make a protected fist. Starpro combat boxing gloves are our top pick as they provide ample protection and a secure fit. They could be an excellent option for their affordability with exceptional breathability. 

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