UFC vs. Boxing: 7 reasons why UFC is better than Boxing

Boxing has been the most popular choice for many years, but now the most significant growth and largest combat sports organization is the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Most people suggest that we should not compare these two sports, but we think it is inevitable to compare both sports. Nowadays, UFC is becoming the premier combat sport and has various reasons to get an advantage over Boxing. Undoubtedly, Boxing was the favorite sport many of us, but after years MMA is now far superior to Boxing. There has been a rivalry between Boxing and UFC for quite some time. We have analyzed that the bone of contention for these weird comparisons is simply money. Over the last fifteen years, MMA has been rising at a significantly higher rate and has excellent viewership now. We will try to provide you with the details of how eventually MMA became popular than Boxing, along with the difference between the two sports. 

UFC vs. Boxing, how is UFC popular than Boxing?

Better Fighters and Fights

UFC controls the MMA market and is a home for best fighters and the most significant competitions and events globally. So every fighter wants to be the leader of this industry that makes this sport more exciting. Being champ in the UFC, in other words, that you are the best fighter in the world. While Boxing usually sticks to one fighter, an actual boxing match still qualifies as a per-per-view event by today’s standards sales. 

Fighters and Fights

Weight Classes

There are 17 various recognized weight divisions in Boxing, and they split by five to seven pounds. Therefore, too many belts and low gap allows fighters to go up and down in weight quickly. Unfortunately, this trait of Boxing eventually stops many talented fighters from performing or receiving any title. However, MMA has eight divisions, and they split by the gap of 10 to at least 60 pounds. Due to this weight division, there are fewer belts with higher competition. UFC is popular as lesser number of weight classes make the fights attractive as the throne.

Weight Classes

One Legitimate Champ per division

As Boxing is the oldest sport, so it comes with a lot of sanctioning bodies like the World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Organization (WBO), and International Boxing Federation (IBF). There are 17 divisions in Boxing and 68 men to claim the best boxer in the world at a time. On the other hand, UFC is the only sanctioning body for MMA. For all, there is one authority for eight divisions, so eventually, eight men in the world claim as champions. So although there would be 30 fighters, just eight have the belts. 

One Legitimate Champ

Fair Results

We have analyzed that Boxing does not have a fair scoring system; However, the UFC results according to people’s opinions. Therefore, fans are usually satisfied with the decision as they are not left scratching their heads behind. 

Fair Results


Mixed Martial Arts is helpful in the street, as it is a combo of many combat tricks, so they are perfect for self-defense. MMA is usually closer to street fights, but many people tune in towards it following the rules. Although we cannot deny the benefits of Boxing, MMA is more versatile and prepare a better fighter. Moreover, Boxing is confined to standup fighting only, so you can learn the essential skills in MMA. 

Self Defence

MMA is more exciting, along with variations.

MMA fighters have come with variations of submission, punches, kick, and much more to damage fights. There is much entertainment and much sport fun with various fighting styles to compete in matches. Numerous techniques make the sport exciting and thrilling. While Boxing is all about just punches and footwork, there is nothing like submissions. 

MMA is more exciting

Best will fight the Best.

In Boxing, there is no dodging, as if any boxer does not want to play, and he will be stripped of the title. This thing is not fair to the fans of Boxing that is a complete lack of professionalism. While the UFC always sides its fans that what they want doesn’t happen in the Boxing world. Moreover, in UFC, it is guaranteed that the best is going against the best, making it the absolute best sport. 

Best will fight the Best

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