5 toughest gatekeepers in boxing history and why boxing needs Gatekeepers

There are champions and then there are gatekeepers in the sport of boxing.

Gatekeepers are talented fighters who, despite their brilliance in the ring, are frequently disregarded by the mainstream media. They rise through the ranks with little fanfare and are usually utilized as cannon fodder for promising newcomers.

Gatekeepers have always been a true test for fighters who have dabbled in the spotlight, and they’ve frequently delivered a brutal dose of reality to those same young contenders.

These are the five hardest gatekeepers in boxing history, never champions but always tenacious.

Bert Cooper

During the late 1980s and early 1990s, “Smokin Bert” challenged everyone and came within a whisker of capturing the title on two occasions. Cooper’s ferocious power and unrelenting assault earned him famous fights against then-unbeaten champions Evander Holyfield and Michael Moorer, who were heavy favorites against a boxer many felt was an afterthought.

Jesus Soto Karass

This Mexican fighter rose from relative obscurity to defeat former welterweight champions Selcuk Aydin and Andre Berto and involve in about that didn’t turn violent.

Gabriel Rosado

Rosado, one of the most well-known gatekeepers of the contemporary age, still has it in him to choke those who are unprepared for his arsenal of tactics.

Emanuel Augustus

Floyd Mayweather says the most difficult match in his career was against Augustus, who was unpredictable and unconventional.

“The Drunken Master” was a nightmare for everyone he faced and nearly ruined numerous fighters’ quests for world titles.

Augustus was a regular on ESPN’s weekday fights, and in 2001, he fought Micky Ward in an all-time legendary fight.

Darnell Boone

Boone, arguably the most dangerous gatekeeper in history, has destroyed several careers and come close to defeating some of the finest titleholders of the modern age.

Boone had a strong argument to make that he deserved to beat Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev, and he knocked out Adonis Stevenson in the second round.

“Anybody who’s facing Darnell Boone understands what it’s like to be struck with a brick,” said Roy Jones Jr.

Why boxing needs gatekeepers

Many fans, both casual and hardcore, use the phrase in a derogatory manner. Defining someone who did not take advantage of their notoriety. Perhaps a boxer who wasn’t able to make the most of their incredible abilities. A warrior who rose to the top of the sport only to suddenly fade away. To label, these athlete as “failures” or “busts” is a disservice to both the fighters and the sport. To begin with, boxing is a violent sport. It robs you of years of your life. Anyone who makes the decision to live this life deserves respect and appreciation.

Second, acting as a gatekeeper isn’t always a terrible thing. Only a small number of fighters may be classified as elite. You are the litmus test for your division as gatekeeper. You are the yardstick by which contenders and pretenders judge. That is not anything to be ashamed of. Many boxers have built successful careers by destroying the fantasies of overhyped future superstars.

Gatekeepers have a critical function to play. If you look through the CV of any well-known boxer, you’ll see a number of barriers. Assuring that these candidates are preparing to take the next step in their careers. Sorting out who is and isn’t ready. The next time you hear a well-known “name” boxer, remember that he or she is facing a gatekeeper. Don’t shock if they find themselves in the bout of their lives.

If you’re an aspiring boxer, dreaming to see your name in lights, know that you’ll be up against one of the best gatekeepers in the business to test your mettle. Get geared up and ready for your battles in the ring with the best boxing gloves on the market, train hard and nothing will stop your rise to the top!

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