Terence Crawford vs David Avanesyan

Terence Crawford retained his WBO welterweight title and kept his undefeated record while knocking out David Avanesyan in the final minute of the sixth round. One dynamic combination showed Terence remains one of boxing’s pound-for-pound best. In front of a screeching hometown crowd, Crawford took over on David with a sixth-round knockdown at the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Boxing is a challenging and dangerous contact sport; one must choose appropriate protective equipment for boxing training. 

 How Crawford stops David from keeping the welterweight belt? 

Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs) started on a slower pace against Avanesyan (29-4-1, 17 KOs). Crawford got some good looks in the first-round while never seeming to be losing control of the bout or anything. The Russian challenger landed an overhand right, a significant punch, of the fight. As Crawford is famous for switching stances, they started in an orthodox position before changing to a southpaw stance. He was following Avanesyan’s early success tactics. And as he started leading with his right hand, he settled into the fight. 

He is arguably best in pound-for-pound boxing. In the sixth round, Crawford repeatedly landed a crunching left-handed uppercut, and a short-left uppercut-right hook combination knocked Avanesyan out. Indeed, it was a spectacular KO as a late bid for the 2022 knockout of the year. 

Crawford said, “I was just warming up in the earlier rounds I started picking up the pace, planting my feet, and I caught him with a hook. We knew what he was gonna bring to the table. We knew he was gonna go back-and-forth between orthodox and southpaw, we knew he was gonna counter and pressure me.” On a question about who would be next in the fight, Crawford answered, “I am a free agent. This was a one-fight deal. Hopefully these big fights come about in the near future.”

The WBO welterweight champion knew he needed to make a statement in his hometown of Omaha. He did that and then some. It was the 10th Crawford fight in a row to end via finish, and the champ now has 30 wins via knockout. 

Crawford was the aggressor throughout the contest, so he landed pitch-perfect right hands, fighting through Avanesyan’s defence. Crawford did his best Floyd Mayweather impression during the fight, landing shots while showcasing great defence.

A little success with David Avanesyan 

Avanesyan successfully walked Crawford down at times and closed the distance between them. But Crawford tactfully used his jab and footwork to maintain punching space. However, Avanesyan did have some success in starting moments, but in round four, Crawford turned up the heat due to his superior speed and shot selection. 

Avanesyan landed crisp shots in Round 2, and some observers may have given him that round, but he would never gain another edge in the fight after that. In Round 4, Avanesyan landed a right and an uppercut, but Crawford stormed back with body shots. 

Highlights of Terence Crawford vs. David Avanesyan 

The WBO world welterweight champion made his sixth straight defence; next is a potential bout against WBC, IBF, and WBA champions. 

Crawford knocks Avanesyan out in round six

Crawford repeatedly threw and landed a crunching left-handed uppercut with bad intentions. The uppercut is turning into the setup of a combination of the body while asserting his will on Avanesyan. Eventually, a left hook-right hook combo and Avanesyan are knocked cold on his back. Crawford made it straight 10 knockouts for the WBO world welterweight king. 

Round 5

Every time Avanesyan lands something of significance, Crawford adjusts well and pays back with several punches. Slick uppercuts to body combinations with unbelievable skills. Avanesyan finds a home with his left, but Crawford adjusts with a shot to the body.  

Round 4

Avanesyan misses out on a wild left hook while landing two right hands. After missing the shot, he makes up within seconds to continue as the aggressor. Meanwhile, the right hand from Crawford sneaks through. Avanesyan has a right hand to the head, a left to the body, and an uppercut. But Crawford counters and now slipping multiple right jabs through his opponent’s guard before wrapping a left hook around it. Avanesyan with a combination and a close round with the slightest edge going to Crawford. 

Round 3

Avanesyan stayed consistent while giving chase and landed a left hand. A few seconds later, he added in a right hook. A left-right-left combo lands for Crawford with a southpaw stance, and Crawford spins Avanesyan off of him before unleashing a whipping right hook to the body. 

Round 2

Avanesyan continues to move forward while trying to walk Crawford down. But 35 years old from Omaha was not surprised by Avanesyan’s approach, so he kept slipping and responding accordingly and landed a crunching right hook to his body. Avanesyan lands a left hook, but Crawford gets back, peppering him with a jab. Avanesyan tried to cut off the ring, but his opponent was quick and vigilant enough to let it happen. 

Round 1

Crawford comes out in the right stance, proving himself one of the boxing’s best switch hitters, as his stance is always of interest. Terence Crawford is peppering with a jab, and Avanesyan grabs his attention with a lunging overhand right. And a few seconds later, Crawford responds with a stinging left-right hook combination. 

 A concluded note

Terence Crawford knocks out David Avanesyan in six. The knockout was a wicked shot, a right hook that came at the end of a combination that put Avanesyan flat out on the canvas. There was no getting up there. Crawford said he made $10 million for the fight against David Avanesyan. 

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