How to Choose the Best Boxing Gloves for Your Training and Sparring Needs?

Boxing is a great sport that can improve your fitness, strength, coordination, and confidence. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fighter, you need to have the right equipment to protect yourself and your opponent from injuries. One of the most important pieces of gear you need is a pair of boxing gloves. But … Read more

Best Punching Bag for MMA Training

MMA Training

There’s a large variety of training bags out there to choose from, and that can have beginners and even experienced fighters confused about what punching bag is best for them. Some favourites include the Muay Thai bag, banana bag, speed bag, and the tear-drop bag, but options aren’t limited to these. Different training bags are … Read more

What Does Undisputed Mean in Boxing

Undisputed mean In boxing

Boxing is a competitive combat sport of fighting with one’s fists, also called pugilism and prizefighting. Boxing as we know it made its debut in the Olympic Games in St. Louis, the USA in 1904 and has since been a staple competition in the Olympics. For millennia it came to fisticuffs for people to resolve … Read more

Types of Punching Bags in Boxing Complete Guide

Types of Punching bags

When it comes to choosing what punching bag suits you best, you first need to figure out what sort of training you’re looking to do. It’s vital to comprehend what each bag is good for and suited to. Some bags are better for working on your all-round strikes and strength, while others are preferred for … Read more

How to Hang a Punching Bag Outside

Punching Bag Outside

Punching bags aren’t just amazing for fighters: they’re the perfect investment for anyone looking to tone up or lose fat because of the high-impact cardio and resistance workouts they deliver. We’ve discussed how to figure out which punching bag is for you, so what comes next is how to set one up. Not everyone has the … Read more

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag Workout

Heavy Bag Workout

A heavy bag workout is not a piece of cake as one presumes from one too many fighting movies; it requires focus, dedication and the right boxing gloves to prevent oneself from injuries while freeing one’s mind to train hard for a competition. Lasting longer in the ring is every boxer’s dream: blocking out combo … Read more

Best Boxing Boots for Wide Feet (Boxer Shoes)

Best Boxing Boots

What distinguishes good boxers from average ones? A good boxer has clean, smooth and fast footwork. They have controlled decision-making powers and know how to counter their opponent’s attacks with agility and quick reflexes. To have good footwork, one has to practice, practice, practice. Another factor that helps is having a stable and firm grip … Read more

Best Boxing Gloves for Kids Training

Best Boxing Gloves

Boxing and MMA should not be restricted to only age and gender, it should be taught to everyone. For young children, it can be their introduction to self-defence and protection. Not to mention, it is an excellent exercise routine to get kids off their phones and focused on their mental and physical strength. Starpro Combat … Read more