Speed bag vs. Double-end bag: Which one to choose? 

Generally, if anyone is looking to get into a Boxing regime, he will go for various exercises. Then you want to know which one is best as a boxing bag, whether a speed bag or double end bag training. Research well to make your boxing journey exciting as each punching bag differs from the other in various aspects. Many people believe that speed punching bags are more helpful, while others are in Favor of Double-end bags. Each punching bag has its unique benefits, whether improving stamina or stimulating a real fight. Dig deeper into various essential aspects to maintain rhythm, timing, speed, and accuracy. Therefore, we will guide you to some vital differences between Speed Bag and Double End Bag to find the best for you. 

 Speed Bag vs. Double End Bag

Typically, professional boxers work on both bags to improve precision due to their unique qualities. It all depends on the fighter’s priority, choice, personal judgment, and goals. 

 What Does a Speed Punching Bag offer? 

A speed bag is a small air-filled bag to improve coordination between hands and eyes. It is to train to hit fast-moving targets and boost remarkable speed in a lesser time. Moreover, it will help you hit fast-moving targets, whether a beginner or a professional. 

Usually, a quick hand throws harder rather than a slow hand strikes. So, a speed punching bag will make you learn to have significant energy in the punch. In addition, practicing through a superior quality bag will make you avoid irregular stances, waste energy, and know proper starting positions. 

Indeed, it is a perfect choice to build up muscle mass, lift arms for an extended period, and balance with weight in Boxing. 

 What Does a Double End Bag offer? 

Double End Bag is similar to Speed Punching Bag in design but different in size, shape, and material. In addition, it contacts both ceiling and floor by a cable system and is suspended to enhance mobility. This bag is very famous for regular Boxing and MMA training and learning various striking styles and stances. 

If you strike hard, the bag will rebound at different angles, which will help you to improve coordination between the body and head. While using an intelligent amount of energy, one can learn head movements and blocks. Certainly, Double-end bag is the best option to retain the slipping punches and channel the power of throws. 

 Which one to choose? A Comparison 

Punching Purpose: 

With Double-end bag, one can learn several punching techniques like a cross, jab, hook, uppercut, etc. That’s why a double end bag has a tremendous advantage over a speed bag, as it is not offering those techniques. 

Moreover, Double-end bags come with perfect weight distribution, so they help to improve precision and punching technique. One can adjust it accordingly if it is loose, then strike comes with variation and tighter if you are a beginner. 

Although to enhance punch speed, a speed bag works more efficiently for faster sessions. 

 Muscle Building and Calories Burning: 

A speed bag is less effective than a Double-end bag in terms of footwork performance. However, efficient footwork double end bag workout will make you burn more calories. Moreover, you use the blocking technique and throw punches more, burning calories. 

On the other hand, if you want toned shoulders, you need to practice a speed bag. After training, there is an advantage of toning your muscles and expecting results in a concise amount of time. Continuous punching will give the shoulders and arms tension, and these muscles quickly get more toned. 

 Accuracy along with Timing: 

The bags mentioned above are perfect for accuracy, timing improvement, and many more incredible benefits. We suggest practicing straight punches even on a double end bag for your body and head coordination. It is also helpful for enhanced footwork for timing practice, even critical to developing accuracy during sparring sessions. 

Speed bags are also advantageous for inaccuracy as you can throw punches consistently. Moreover, when you are an expert in training with a speed punching bag, you can go for more challenging workouts. In short, any fighter must practice with both options to become more proficient. 


With a speed bag, you can quickly get an expert in footwork with comfort. Although, training footwork with a double end bag is quite challenging as you can easily punch and defend. Such training will improve footwork significantly as you need to position yourself at a faster pace. A speed bag cannot give you the best efficiency as you do not need to move more, so the double end bag is a priority here. 

 Body and Head Positioning:

Speed Punching Bag does not hit you back while the double end bag does so. To avoid hitting due to the bouncing back of the bag, you have to move your head and block the hit. Practice well to improve head movements while Boxing gloves on to avoid hitting.  

When you frequently practice this, it will sharpen your defense skills and improve reflexes to avoid any hit. 

  Pros Cons
Speed Punching Bag ·         Suitable for Workout at home

·         Enhanced reaction time

·         Improves coordination

·         It does not stimulate any real fight

·         No learning of proper technique

Double End Bag ·         Suitable for Working out at home, even

·         Develop defense and Rhythm

·         Correct use of energy

·         Development of Boxing Defense

·         One can learn proper techniques.


·         It is hard to land consistent punches

·         Not Beginner Friendly

Which one is better? 

Professional Boxers work on both bags as they have their advantages. Undoubtedly, the double-end bag is excellent for boxing due to its great features. This bag will teach you various punching techniques while improving your footwork and head movements. Moreover, it will help you burn calories effectively. Unlike a speed bag, it improves your defense and stimulates a real fight. Nonetheless, double-end bags will help you improve your stamina and build boxing skills. If you are looking for good punching bags, check out Starpro Combat for high-quality products.

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