Some of the Most Brutal Knockouts in UFC 2022

Brutal knockouts in UFC are what fans tune in for. After all, a showy finish is all it takes for a fighter to jump from modest beginnings to notoriety, and post-fight performance incentives are the cherry on top that encourage fighters to chase after KO opportunities even more. A crazy knockout victory is also sure to cement a fighter’s name in the annals of UFC history, and no matter how their career goes, no one forgets the moment. 2022 has had its fair share of jaw-shattering KO’s so far, so let’s get into some standout favourites.

UFC 274: Chandler vs. Ferguson

Crowd pleaser Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Furguson was beaten by triple-time Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler in a remarkable exhibition of ferocity. Ferguson was knocked down in just the second round of the fight by a front kick delivered by Chandler at UFC 274. For approximately a minute, Ferguson was fully unconscious after falling to the floor. This defeat was accomplished despite Ferguson’s valiant efforts, which made it all the more remarkable.

After the K.O., UFC president Dana White declared at the post-fight press conference that this finish was among the best in the sport’s history. There is no denying that Chandler is a competitor to watch. More devastating blows are anticipated from this one.

UFC 271: Tuivasa vs. Lewis

Derrick Lewis, commonly known as the “Knockout King,” was challenged by Tai Tuivasa, also known as “Bam Bam,” and was ultimately taught a lesson by him. Lewis couldn’t have been an easy opponent to face. Since he entered the battle as the UFC’s all-time lead in knockout victories. Lewis put in the work, but in this case, Tuivasa ended up being a king slayer. Tuvaisa’s career-defining victory was the result of a second-round knockout. If Tuvaisa stays committed to his objectives, this may herald the emergence of a new knockout king in the ring.

With this victory, Tuvaisa has now won five straight matches, breaking a three-fight losing run from earlier in his career. It solidifies him as a legitimate fighter in the ring, and one for future contenders to be wary of.

UFC 275: Zhang Weili vs. Joanna Jędrzejczyk

Zhang ‘Magnum’ Weili and Joanna Jędrzejczyk aren’t new to fighting each other: they had an iconic match in 2020. The rematch was much awaited by fans. It was Weili who took it away then but by a narrow victory.

The two faced off one more in Singapore this year, with Weili displaying better technique than she had before. Even in the opening round, she had Jedrzejczyk easily overpowered. In the subsequent round, Jedrzejczyk quickened his speed and began pursuing Weili all around the octagon, which proved a bad choice.

Weili had clearly laid a trap, drawing Jędrzejczyk into a closed-off pocket to finish her off. Weili threw a backfist straight into Jędrzejczyk as soon as she saw her get distracted, leading to a swift knockout as Jędrzejczyk fell to the floor right then and there. It was clear that Weili came to win, and she wasted no time doing it.

UFC 48: Jamahal Hill vs Johnny Walker

The victory of MMA fighter Jamahal Hill against Johnny Walker in the UFC 48 main event garnered media attention. After an unbelievable two minutes and 55 seconds, Hill made Walker submit with a crushing blow. Hill leaped right on top of him and struck him on the ground with the last blow that really looked like it hurt. Hill had earlier struck Walker with a powerful right hand, causing Walker to stumble and fall awkwardly to the ground.

Jamahal Hill ensured that Johnny Walker was completely knocked out, demonstrating that his moniker “Sweet Dreams” is not for nothing. The devastating right hand to the temple was what it took for Walker to fall backward. Hill landed another blow to the chin before Walker fell, showing off his remarkable speed.

UFC Vegas 59: Mohammed Usman vs. Zac Pauga

In the heavyweight division final of “The Ultimate Fighter 30,” Mohammed Usman. The younger brother of the current UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman defeated Zac Pauga at only the 36-second mark of the second round. In the 17-year run of the reality competition “The Ultimate Fighter,” Kamaru and Mohammed became the first set of siblings to triumph.

Usman defeated Pauga with a shocking left-hook knockout, improving his career record in the process. Being an accomplished heavyweight and the betting favourite, Pauga entered the battle unbeaten. He also had two victories under his belt. Usman, however, was essentially written off as a very powerful fighter who lacked nuance and finesse.

Everyone in attendance could see why Usman is referred to as “The Motor” as he knocked Pauga to the ground and won the much sought-after UFC contract. He is now formally listed as a heavyweight in the UFC.

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