Shin guards for boxing, kickboxing, and other combat sports

In combat sports like MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and many more, a shin guard is necessary to protect your legs, especially your shins. As a beginner in the training zone, one must search for better gear to ensure safety. Boxing shin guards and MMA shin guards help to protect you and your opponent from possible injuries. Shin guards protect your shin and other body parts that might get struck by kicks. 

While taking up combat sports, shin guards are one of the top equipment for training. Various combat sports such as MMA, Kickboxing, etc. involve a lot of kicking, making injuries inevitable to your unconditioned shin. Whether you are taking combat sports as a severe or leisure activity, shin guards are essential to offer protection. 

 Does MMA training and kickboxing require a quality MMA shin guard? 

MMA fighters utilize their feet more than other body parts throughout training, whether a trainer adjusts his posture to get a strategic advantage while dealing with an opponent, which includes ducking punches, delivering kicks, or any offensive move. 

As a result of any kick impact, your opponent may knock off his feet and get a significant punishment. MMA shin guards are worn to protect the fighter’s vital regions to keep them safe from any damage. Shin guards will allow fighters to move and utilize their legs freely without limitation. 

 Is boxing shin guards essential or not? 

Boxing is an intense contact sport; after gloves and hand wraps, shin guards are also an essential piece of protective equipment. Boxing includes various blocking and kicking techniques, so shin guards are the most crucial piece of protective gear. Boxing shin guards will help to protect your shins, ankles, and feet during boxing training. 

Even in sparring, fighters use shin guards to protect their partners. So, picking the right pair for your needs is imperative. 

 Types of shin guards

For beginners, knowing the main types of shin guards in combat sports is essential. 

Grappling shin guards  

With the rise of MMA, shin guards are for the fighters to go straight from stand-up striking to grappling. These guards are typically much thinner than striking shin guards with a neoprene back instead of Velcro straps while keeping everything in place.

Around the foot, these shin guards have a series of smaller padding sections around the joint, with toes exposed but with little knee protection. Grappling shin guards are light, which is excellent for those searching for less bulky guards that ensure absolute safety. One can feel it better while making hard contact with the knee or elbow. 

 Sock-type shin guards 

Typically, sock-type shin guards incorporate a thin, narrow piece of foam over the shin, and the foot is held together in a stretchy cotton or neoprene sock. At the same time, the sock type lacks the protection and durability to stand up to intense training drills. 

MMA fighters prefer sock-type shin guards for training because they are easier to carry while moving around the ring because they are lighter in weight. Various specific factors protect fighters who are not into kicking stuff much. It is the simple sock style for competitions. 

 Shin guards with adjustable straps

Adjustable strap shin guards, as their name depicts, come with adjustable straps with secure semi-rigid with dense padding over the shin, ankle, and top of the foot. Usually, the strap closure is on the top of the foot. The guard includes a strap close on top and securely fastened above the curve of the calf. At the same time, the second strap secures the fighter between the bottom of the calf muscle and the top of the ankle. And finally, a strap came across the middle of the foot, completing the fastening system. 

This shin guard provides the most protection from injury and ensures safety for the fighter and the sparring partner. 

 Hybrid shin guards 

Hybrid shin guards find a good mid-point between protection and usability in grappling. It has padding like grappling shin guards, whereas straps resemble striking shin guards. Usually, it ensures knee and instep protection, with a neoprene sleeve to hold firmly in place. 

 Bottom line

It takes a lot of years of training to condition before shins are fully prepared and capable of handling fights without any protection. During the movement of combat sports, any fighter must use proper Boxing shin guards and MMA shin guards to save them from shin, ankle, and foot injuries. 

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