How to choose the right type of Boxing training gloves? 

Boxing is a physically demanding and high-impact combat sport with a high risk of injuries. However, finding suitable boxing training gloves can make it a recreational activity. Particularly, amateurs hurt their hands more likely, but they can reduce the risk of injury by wrapping their wrists well and wearing suitable boxing gloves. Be careful about this aspect, as the wrong boxing gloves can hinder your performance. 

Finding the right pair of gloves is quite challenging from hundreds of overwhelming boxing gloves types and brands. Boxing gloves are an essential accessory of boxing equipment as you must wear them whenever you exercise, so never compromise on quality and durability. However, durability is necessary, but decide whether it fits your budget. 

To save you from trouble, we will guide you about the things that will help you to narrow down your options, and you can choose the best for you. 

What is the purpose of training? 

There are various types of boxing gloves, and every glove has its purpose. Any combatant can use these gloves at different stages of the boxing journey. But here we will talk about only Boxing training gloves, which are a versatile option for beginners. This pair comes with adequate padding for safe sparring. Usually, it contains more padding than bag gloves but less than sparring gloves, so they are not much heavier in weight. It is attached to a full wrist wrap to ensure extra wrist, forearm, fingers, and hand protection.

Features one must consider while choosing Boxing training gloves 


  • Vinyl

These gloves are the cheapest choice, as vinyl is the most affordable. For beginners, it is the most suitable choice as they practice occasionally. But there are better choices for professional people who use gloves regularly due to less durability. 

  • Genuine leather

 Genuine leather gloves are the most durable and expensive, but you get what you paid for. These gloves are incredibly durable, with no wear and tear aspect.  

  • PU Leather

PU leather is a perfect choice for beginners who are into boxing for specific times and who practice training drills. And the most valuable feature of these gloves is that they offer durability like genuine leather but are reasonably priced. 

How to choose your boxing glove size? 

One must consider various aspects that will help to determine the size of boxing gloves, such as height, weight, and hand circumference. Human hands come in the proportion of their bodies; if you are taller with more weight, you will go for the larger size of gloves. By determining the hand circumference, you choose the right snug fit that melds well with your hand size. Using a fabric tape measure, one can measure the circumference of your dominant hand while it is open and measure from beneath your knuckles.  

How to choose the boxing gloves’ weight? 

As the level of competition rises, fighters will choose lighter gloves as lightweight gloves will help you to free up yourself and throw the combinations easily. More oversized boxing gloves can prevent hand injuries and give them a sense of protection. It will come with peace of mind that will help you stay focused and enhance your skill set and technical ability. The weight of gloves varies with the types of gloves, such as sparring and boxing training gloves.

Hand weight Hand circumference Weight size of gloves
40 to 54 kg 5.5”- 6.5” 8oz
54 to 68 kg 6.5”- 7.5” 10oz
68 to 84 kg 7.5”- 8.5” 12oz
84 plus kg 8.5”- 9.5” 14oz

Closure types 

One of the most important things one must consider while buying gloves is the kind of closure. There are two types of glove closure:

Velcro or hook and loop closure are easy to adjust; therefore, it is best for beginners. And the second option is lace closure, which offers a more secure and tighter fit. This type is best for professionals as they are comfortable to wear. The only drawback is here that you need someone’s help to lace up or undo your gloves every time.  


Padding is equally essential and usually comes in open and closed cell foam. The type of padding dramatically depends on the kind of training. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Why should one choose the right pair of boxing gloves? 

  • Where you want to start and the purpose of training, whether on the bag, sparring, or competing.
  • Weight and size of the gloves
  • Manufacturing material
  • Affordability

Why someone needs boxing gloves? 

Boxing gloves are one of the most significant elements during the boxing process. The right pair of gloves will influence the consistency and efficiency of anyone’s training process. The primary purpose of wearing gloves during boxing training is to ensure safety, so it is necessary, especially for beginners. 

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