RDX Boxing Gloves VS Starpro Boxing Gloves – Quality & Price Comparison 

There’s some great boxing gear out there; so much so that as a beginner, the range of options might confuse you. How do you know what’s right for you? Well, it’s a simple formula of good price and good durability. Depending on your priorities, aesthetics might factor in too. Today we’re going to look at two of our favourite producers, popular new entrant Starpro Combat and seasoned veteran RDX, to see which one wins out in the boxing gloves category. We’re going to be looking at price points, size inclusivity, materials, and colour range for some of their offerings. Let’s get to it.  

RDX T13 Boxing Gloves 

Price: £27.99 
Sizes: 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz 
Colours: Matte black and red; matte black and gold  

Simple and sleek, the RDX T13 boxing gloves are another great offering from the brand. Versatile gloves meant for training, this is a piece made with beginners in mind. Constructed from Kalix skin, the company’s answer to faux leather. The gloves are durable and have the added benefit of using sustainable materials. Another point that’s worth mentioning is that RDX has its gloves hand-crafted, resulting in s better quality of stitching than machine-made items. 

In terms of sizing, they have the standard 10 oz to 16 oz, but nothing more or less than that. The range is not large, but then again these fit the general populace’s needs. It’s good to have the 10  oz glove for younger fighters.   

An interesting feature of RDX’s gloves is the flat-panelled front, and they use Nova Tech foam for this, guaranteeing protection for your knuckles (and your opponent). They actually use 3 types of foam to ensure that the padding absorbs shock efficiently, making for a safer glove. The middle-width hook and loop closure may mean easy on and off, but the length of the wrist cuff could be better. The longer the cuff, the better for keeping your wrist supported. 

Moisture management is in place with these gloves in the form of Cool-X, a nylon mesh that is meant to keep hands dry and well-ventilated. Looks-wise, this has a striking matte finish and comes in classic colours, but there aren’t many options available. It’s a great training glove at a slightly high price point, which could be a point of contention for beginners or students. 

Starpro V-Tech Training Glove T20 

Price: £21.59 
Sizes: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz 
Colours: White and black; solar blue and white; pink and white; navy and white; black and white  

The Starpro V Tech training gloves are a great marriage of style and functionality. The faux leather material of these gloves is a great high durability option for those who prefer making vegan choices. Because they are hand stitched and made of PU leather. They are not only a robust choice. But they also don’t compromise on quality at this excellent price point. These boxing gloves include a number of unique qualities that set them apart from ordinary inexpensive gloves. For example, the EnviroCare leather they use is a greener option. 
The moisture-wicking Hydra-Flow mesh palm ensures that the inside of the gloves remains dry for a fresh, odour-free performance in addition to being incredibly soft on the inside. Through even the sweatiest workouts, you will stay dry and comfortable thanks to an additional comfy lining. 

The pre-curved two-piece injection-moulded foam padding in these gloves protects your hands and allows for your fist to stay closed without any forearm stress. The cushioning distributes shock across the glove’s surface to protect your hands and wrists from injuries while protecting your knuckles and thumbs without sacrificing comfort. Your wrists are supporting to prevent twisting since the strong wrap strap closure keeps them securely in place. 

We love the range of colours that these come in, as well as the sporty, graphic aesthetic. At this price point, the only worry is about quality. But these Starpro gloves outperform more expensive models and have about the same quality of materials, which makes them perfect for beginners. A larger range of sizes including the 8oz means these are suitable for children, and when they’re this well-priced you won’t even mind them growing out of them.  

 RDX S5 Sparring Boxing Glove 

 Price: £49.99 
Sizes: 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz 
Colours: Black and white combination with blood red accent 

First off, these multi-use gloves are for both classical boxing sparring as well as kickboxing. Aesthetically, it’s a lovely sporty matte black and white piece with a dash of blood red in the palm area, giving it an understated but powerful feel. Made from pure cowhide leather, you know that durability will be a plus point – though that might be a minus for fighters avoiding animal products.  

RDX’s foam padding is low density in order to keep the gloves light, with shock-absorbency to make sure the hits you’re landing aren’t hurting you. It’s not foam padding alone; an added Gel X layer puts a point in this glove’s corner for efficient double padding.  

This glove has extra goods with its anti-microbial lining, killing germs while you sweat it out. The ventilation capabilities are evident from how it fits on the palm as well as from its internal moisture-wicking system. The combination of different types of quick dry linings is a winner, stopping your grip from slipping. The closure on these is also nice and wide, providing great support for your wrist and keeping it from getting injured. 

We love the look and the fact that it’s made of cowhide, which is known to be an ultra-durable classic. However, the price point comes in high at just under 50 GBP, making this a somewhat expensive investment for a newer fighter. Perhaps it’s better for someone who is more seasoned, as that would make it worthwhile price-wise. 

Starpro S90 Boxing Gloves 
Price: £31.99 
Sizes: 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz and 18 oz 
Colours: Black and white combination with blue accent 

These gloves are definitely pleasing to the eye. They offer a classic look with a black body and a white front topped with a primary blue logo. Because the exterior body of the gloves is constructing of high-quality cowhide, they have a smooth, shiny, and weighty feel. 

The S90 functioned flawlessly during training. The stress on your hands is reducing by the glove’s thickly cushioned front, keeping exercise comfortable so that you can concentrate on refining your movements. This cushioning is made of injection-moulded foam, which performs typically better in terms of resilience and durability than generic foam. This means that when you strike that punching bag, your knuckles will be protecting and secure. 

Further differentiating these gloves is an extended wrist clasp. The velcro wrap-around cuff keeps your wrist supported and cushioned for 8 cm, preventing it from shifting out of position and protecting you from harm. While you might want unique lace-ups for matches, these are made for the daily grind of training and sparring.  

 The mesh lining of these gloves is unquestionably a plus. As stated, it keeps the hands dry, leaving you free to smash your session without worrying that your hands may slide out of the gloves due to perspiration. Simply put them outside to dry to make cleaning and caring for them simple. 

These gloves are undoubtedly creating with versatility in mind, offering a total of 5 weights between 8oz and 16oz. These gloves are unquestionably “all-purpose” since they cater to a wide range of combatants and their respective demands. 

 Coming in almost 20 GBP under the RDX gloves. We feel this is a friendlier option for the pocket with much of the same quality on offer. These are also made of cowhide, so you know they’ll last forever. All in all, it’s a glove that keeps on giving for sophomore boxers or more experienced fighters.   

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