Punching Bag vs Running – Which is better Workout?

There are various cardio exercises to try that effectively burn calories and enhance fitness levels. We will provide you with several things to better understand whether Running or punching a bag is a more effective Workout. There is a finding that you can burn more calories by running, but boxers lose more weight, so it is all about your effort and performance. Nonetheless, running and punching bags are fantastic cardio training, while Running is repetitive and burns calories and boxing comes with a variety to burn fats. We recommend you pick the best suits your workout needs. 

Punching Bag vs Running

How Running is a good workout?

Running is considered the best exercise, as it builds Cardio and helps in losing weight. It is usually done at a moderate pace, making it dull, but we suggest you try interval workouts. Typically, running impacts a lot as it boosts your energy, muscles, and state of mind. When you run faster, you can burn more calories and more oxygen production along with more oxygen burnt. 

 How hitting the Punching Bag is good Workout?

A punching bag increases your core strength and enhances speed as you keep on moving while punching. It comes with the added benefits of lower body workout along with the characteristics of stress relief. For boxing, you need equipment like Punching bags, Boxing Gloves, Hand Wraps, etc., to avoid any injury. Hitting a punching bag will help build arms, muscles, back, shoulders, legs and lose weight. The punching bag is fun with various strikes and techniques, but it depends on your goals. It comes with many mental and physical benefits, strengthens your body, and is excessively stress relieving. Punching Bag is an excellent workout for weight loss, improves toughness and stamina, improves self-defence skills, and toned upper and lower body. 

If you’re boxing in a ring, you are burning more calories than running; we will provide you with a comparison here.

Training Calories/hour (150lb)
Boxing a Punching Bag 394
Boxing – Sparring 558
Shadowboxing 315
Boxing Ring 916
Running 700

It is a common thought that running burns more calories, but we can vividly see that boxing in a ring is more effective. 

 Running/Boxing Injuries

All of the exercises for workouts come with potential injuries, and we will guide you about them and then how to avoid them. Running comes with inconveniences like mild bends, blisters, and muscular strains but not severe injuries. Nevertheless, beginners should remain conscious about the mileage, speeding, intensity and avoid unrealistic goals. The human body has its limits, and neglecting the body’s needs for rest could be fatal. Compared to Running, Boxing comes up with various sprains, damage of joint surface, or cracks of the wrist, finger, or thumb. The worst could be dislocation, so one should need good punching technique and suitable Boxing gloves to reduce the risk of injury. 

 A Final Word

In the first place, we must know that running and hitting a punching bag are equally very effective workouts. Boxers usually use running as an alternative exercise but hitting a punching bag is more fun. Running will help you burn more calories, while a Punching bag will help you burn fats and come with weight loss. Both of the training is best for Cardio, building muscles and weight loss and complementing each other. It is all about the goals you set about your dreams of the activity. 

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