MMA groin guard: StarPro vs. RDX

If you are planning to learn Mixed Martial Arts, keep in mind that you must invest in a quality MMA groin guard and Boxing ground guard. During the practice of intense drills, there is a lot of striking and grappling, so one must focus on protective gear. A groin guard will help the fighter to protect from low blows, as the groin is the area that requires extra care and protection. 

The groin is very vulnerable, mainly when high-speed grappling exchanges occur. But the most important thing is finding the combo of comfort and protection. Wearing a groin guard will make you confident enough to deal with a low impact. 

Specific features one must consider before buying an MMA groin guard/Boxing groin guard

There are some specific factors to consider before buying groin protective gear. One must protect oneself during boxing training and professional competitive settings. Do thorough research to find the protective gear worth your time and money. 

Quality with protection 

Protection is an essential feature, and one must decide the level of protection as there are different levels of protection. During sparring or any competition, one must focus on the groin protector’s quality, which is made up of good quality material that will protect you against any hard impact. Opt for the lightweight that comes with more padding and protection. 


Feeling of protection with comfort will give any fighter a feeling of confidence. While wearing uncomfortable groin gear will affect your performance and make it even terrible. One must choose the best protector according to to build and body type to avoid distraction. 


Focus on strapping, so the boxer should not lose focus while adjusting their groin guards during competition in the ring. It would be pretty uncomfortable throwing punches, so always consider good elastic and secure strapping. 


Choosing the right size is beneficial enough to affect your performance during boxing training. It should not be too big that gear moves quickly while making the protection an issue. There is an overwhelming brand out there, and usually, all of them provide a sizing chart to make it easy for you to choose the right size that fits you. 


Never compromise on equipment quality and choose the product worth the money. 

Starpro vs. RDX

We will provide you with a comparison between two types of groin protectors of our choice. Choose the one that fits your needs, and you must consult the size chart thoroughly before placing an order. 

RDX apex Abdo groin guard 

One of the best brands in this field of boxing gear, manufactured by highly resilient super skin engineered leather outside and suede leather inside that provides optimal fit shape. 

This brand’s protective gear is famous for its latest LumeX technology, so the design and construction make it highly durable. Such featured construction makes it one of the most durable groin protectors available. 

The way it is engineered such by using an EVA-Lution sheet for effective shock dispersion while protecting the inner layers from wear and tear. 

Comfort is the top priority while boxing training, so a unique closure system with straps and laces will help to make a firm and secure closure. 

One can choose the best fit during professional training with easy adjustment and top-notch design for mobility.

Pros  Cons
Durable construction  High price 
Shock absorption 
Ultimate protection and resistance 
Top-notch design for best fit

Men’s groin/ Abdominal protector

With a strong foundation for protection and comfort, StarPro comes with the gear that will make you focus on the game while staying fully protected. 

This brand has everything you might need during your MMA/Boxing practice or professional competitions. 

It offers long-lasting, durable synthetic leather construction along with a minimalist, ultra-strong plastic cup, making it a solid choice to keep you safe. 

It features an inner lining for staying super comfortable, along with quick-drying Z-Tech fabric for the non-slip performance that will make you remain dry and comfortable without losing focus during intense training sessions. 

High-density padding is designed for maximum mobility and comfort while offering premium-grade protection and making you move without restraining your thighs. 

A Velcro elastic strap that securely closes the groin guard to withstand the pressure of any uncertain hit and make a perfect fit form.

Pros  Cons 
Shock absorption during MMA/Boxing bouts Sometimes limited sizes
Durability and flexibility 
Shock dissipation 
Color selection with affordability 

Bottom line: 

MMA groin guard and boxing groin guard are essential during contact sports like MMA or Boxing. Always try to get the best product that ensures durability, comfort, and protection against any low blow. A misplaced shot to the groin can cause an injury along with long-term effects, so make it a rule always to wear a groin guard when fighting or practicing. 

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