Leather Boxing Gloves and Pads for Strong Punches – M33 Review 

Boxing is all about strength, performance, and technique started as a sport. To become a pro boxer, one must put effort and intense training hours to build skills and stamina. However, it would be best if you had boxing equipment to start your journey as a boxer and the essential part is the right pair of boxing gloves. To learn the proper punching techniques, one has to choose the right pair of Boxing Gloves and Pads to sustain an injury and strain your hands. There is a massive range of leather gloves for boxing out there in markets and various brand names, so we must consider several factors before selling on the right one. 

Essential Features to Consider when choosing Boxing Gloves 

 We will guide you about the crucial features while shopping for boxing gloves. 

  • Durability

The outer layer of gloves is usually made of faux leather material that provides sufficient durability and makes the form to practice high-impact punches. Such an outer layer is even easy to maintain but make sure that gloves have strong stitching to not come apart during use. 

  • Padding

Sufficient padding is also an important component that prevents your hands from injuries and hurt. Starpro Combat gear offers boxing gloves with gel-infused padding for extra cushioning and sustaining injuries. 

  • Breathability

An essential feature is the mesh layer to prevent the buildup of sweat, odor, and Bacterial production. Some contemporary brands like Starpro Combat offer a mesh layer to dispel sweat and avoid foul smells. It makes you feel more comfortable and keep your hands cool and sufficiently dry throughout the training session. 

  • Adequate Wrist Support

A pair of gloves is usually for the protection of hands, but they must protect your wrists against impact damage. Your wrist is at the forefront and must be stable to minimize the risk of injury to deal with the shockwave. Hook-and-loop closure provides a secure fit and keeps your wrists stable during punches. 

Starpro M33 Boxing Gloves and Pads

 Essential Features:

  • Punch Harder
  • Mono-tech wrist stabilizer
  • Best for beginners
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Available in numerous colors and sizes

M33 gloves are durable enough with seamless stitching made up of high-quality synthetic leather outer shell, so they are famous as leather gloves for boxing

The main protective feature is faux leather boxing gloves with a shock-absorbing quality and an innovative mono-tech wrist stabilizer. 

These gloves come with a lightweight, padded, breathable mesh palm to keep your hands cool and dry, moreover, comfortable enough for an intense workout, especially kickboxing. 

Comfortable due to high foam padding that wick away moisture from the skin. Breathable lining with carefully positioned ventilation holes saves your hands from overheating, dry, and odor-free. M33 Boxing Gloves and pads are comfortable enough to protect you from impact. 

Starpro fabric features one-piece foam construction to sharpen skills and shock absorption to protect injuries, as they are the world’s leading boxing gear manufacturers. 

The ergonomically pre-curved hand position allows superior, effortless wrist closure with ultimate protection. Innovative Power-lock closure for excellent wrist fit and support and minimizing the risk of twisting the thumb.

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