Best Martial Arts for Endomorphs

Martial Arts

Anyone who wants to look into Martial Arts must research and determine according to their body goals. However, your height and weight do not matter much as some people are naturally more muscular, and some are delicate. In actual means, your body type influences the choice of martial arts, and it is also quite essential … Read more

Is Pushing Legal In Boxing? 

is pushing legal in boxing

Boxing is the purest and simplest form of combat sport, as there are no flashy kicks and fancy takedowns. It is also a very restrictive sport in that two fighters box toe to toe with fists without tactics to gain any competitive edge. One must practice well with the right boxing equipment to perform powerful … Read more

BJJ Common Injuries

BJJ Common injuries

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a grappling-based martial art that is the skill of controlling a resisting opponent and forcing him to submit. BJJ is centered around taking an opponent down to the ground for dominant control positions where the opponent can be rendered harmless. Mixed Martial Arts are popular globally, and the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technique is … Read more

Is Headbutt Allowed In Boxing?

Is headbutt allowed in boxing

A headbutt is a strike with the head that can damage your opponent, so it is not legal in boxing. An intentional attack with authority involves using substantial parts of the head as the foundation of impact. It could be devastating compared to a punch cushioned by boxing gloves.    The human head is hard and … Read more

Is Judo more dangerous than boxing?

Judo vs boxing

Boxing and Judo are both essential entities of combat sports in the Olympic games. Boxing is one of the most popular fighting styles and is widely spread in this modern world by millions of practitioners. Despite being the most interesting combat sport but has a higher injury rate. However, we can reduce the risk of … Read more

What boxing headgear should I get? Does headgear prevent brain damage?

Does boxing headgear prevent brain damage

While starting as an amateur boxer, you are encouraged to use boxing protective gear to stay protected. MMA head guard offers a certain level of protection, as it effectively protects against cuts, scrapes, and swellings. However, it does protect very nicely against concussions.  Headgear is a handy boxing gear that ensures padded protection and a … Read more

Beginner boxing techniques to learn at home

Boxing is a lot more than throwing punches and not just about attacking the opponent. It requires coordination, strength, endurance, proper footwork, well-driven boxing punches, and defense. However, everyone cannot go to the gym, but any beginner starts to perform boxing anywhere with essential equipment such as boxing gloves and a punching bag.  Boxing is … Read more

Benefits of a punching bag workout

Benefits of a punching bag workout

Heavy bags are also known as punching bags, vital pieces of boxing equipment for a boxer. Bag work would be an exercise tool that improves fitness levels and overall health. While hitting a punching bag requires a lot of physical exertion and enhances your strength and stamina.  Well-known trainers and fighters of all ages use … Read more