Beginner boxing techniques to learn at home

Boxing is a lot more than throwing punches and not just about attacking the opponent. It requires coordination, strength, endurance, proper footwork, well-driven boxing punches, and defense. However, everyone cannot go to the gym, but any beginner starts to perform boxing anywhere with essential equipment such as boxing gloves and a punching bag.  Boxing is … Read more

Benefits of a punching bag workout

Benefits of a punching bag workout

Heavy bags are also known as punching bags, vital pieces of boxing equipment for a boxer. Bag work would be an exercise tool that improves fitness levels and overall health. While hitting a punching bag requires a lot of physical exertion and enhances your strength and stamina.  Well-known trainers and fighters of all ages use … Read more

Why would you need hand wraps when you have boxing gloves?

Boxing Hand Wraps

Every beginner is conscious about whether they wear hand wraps under boxing gloves for kids or not. And a simple answer to this question is that hand wraps are pivotal for Hand and wrist protection. Moreover, they prevent injuries and avoid devastating impacts while throwing punches.  After choosing boxing gloves for kids, you need hand … Read more

5 toughest gatekeepers in boxing history and why boxing needs Gatekeepers

Toughest Gatekeepers

There are champions and then there are gatekeepers in the sport of boxing. Gatekeepers are talented fighters who, despite their brilliance in the ring, are frequently disregarded by the mainstream media. They rise through the ranks with little fanfare and are usually utilized as cannon fodder for promising newcomers. Gatekeepers have always been a true … Read more