Judo Uniforms Comparison: Adidas VS. Starpro Combat

If you are a beginner in Martial Arts, or your kid will start your journey, do you know which Judo Uniform you need to buy? Always try to understand the essential features of different judo uniforms to grab the best for you. Without any guidance, people usually go for the cheapest one or pick it at first glance. We must make you understand that the Judo uniform is part of your Combat equipment. There is a wide variety of canvas uniforms, and you must be very careful while choosing the fabric that should be long-lasting and not easy to tear. We will recommend designs that are designed to keep every aspect in mind. There are certain essential features to keep in mind when buying a new Judo Uniform. 


Each brand of Judo suite varies in size, so always try to stick to one brand, focus, and their size chart and choose accordingly. Always read about their return policy and material which is used. If you are lean enough, focus on the length of the suit, and if you are in a set built, measure in width. We will recommend buying a high-quality case rather than buying any cheap product. And we highly recommend focusing on the size chart before buying for perfect fit and comfort. 


We always prefer a relatively standard weight of Judo Uniform; choose the suite’s weight in correspondence to size and length. An ideal weight is lightweight, 8oz, while 12oz to 14oz karate uniforms is widely used in the heaviest weights. 


White Judo uniform is basically for trainers and recommended in many schools, while multicolor is for higher-level competitions. 


It always depends on your budget and how much you can invest in quality. We will recommend you never compromise on quality as In Judo this is the only equipment you need. 

Comparison of Martial Arts Judo Uniform

Most Likely, we strive to get the best Judo Uniform for you while keeping every aspect in mind. Now you are well aware of various features, and it would be easy for you to choose the right one for you. So here are our enlisted critically acclaimed Martial Arts uniforms, quality builds despite reasonable prices, and currently available. 

Adidas Judo Gi Uniform
Adidas Judo Gi Uniform
4 out of 5
Judo Suit Uniform
Judo Suit Uniform
5 out of 5

Adidas Judo Gi Uniform White Club Suit

It came from one of the most renowned brands in the Martial Arts industry with quality and competitive prices. The price range is quite affordable for beginners without any impression of unreliability. 

Sizes: 160cm-200cm (With Drawstring waist)

110cm-150cm (With Elasticated Waist)

It is multifunctional as it offers all sizes for Kids, Adults, Men, and Women, so quite perfect for beginners. Moreover, t comes in various sizes to make it comfortable, but pants can create trouble, so be careful about sizing while purchasing. 

Material: it is made up of Polyester/Cotton, and a Single weave makes it lighter in weight, but it never gives that durability. As we all know that durability matters during tough matches. Moreover, you can wash this material with both hot and cold water. 

Belt: This Martial Art gear comes with a bonus white belt. 

Adidas Judo Gi Uniform

Judo Suit Uniform 350g Comes without Belt.

Starpro comes with the high-quality Martial Arts proactive gear in the UK with the best Judo Uniform and belts. It assures you endurance and comfort to let your Martial Arts training flow smoothly. 

Material: Mixture of Cotton/Polyester, Lightweight and durable, protects your body, while a high ratio of cotton makes it breathable and convenient for regular use. Highly affordable and decently priced, which is the track record of Starpro.

Sizes: 100cm to 150cm (With Elastic Waistband)

The rest available sizes come with drawstrings. Strap comprehensive design is perfect for all body types and shapes, ideal for both training and competition. 

Kids: 110cm, 120cm, 130cm

Adults: 140cm – 190cm

Colors: It comes in two colors, white and blue; color sustains and stays vibrant even after different washes. 

Weight: Lightweight as the makeup of 350g Fabric and trousers are ideal for Martial Arts training with comfort. 

Judo Suit Uniform

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