Judo Uniforms Comparison: Adidas J500 vs. Starpro 250G

If anybody wants to buy Martial Arts Uniform, there are wide variations in various styles, especially for beginners. Each part of Martial arts has its techniques and grading systems with a specific uniform for each class. People with diverse Karate, judo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Taekwondo Do have different priorities and unique characteristics. But the question is here what makes us differentiate among Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo uniforms. What are the similarities and what variations judo uniforms do have; this is what we will discover here for you. 


Karate Uniforms usually involve two pieces of clothing, a loose-fitting top with a pair of loose-fitting pants. Uniform tops can easily be pullovers, and the more traditional ones have short sleeves for convenience, in fact like a jacket that is wrapped and fastened by a karate belt. Pants can either have an elastic waist or a drawstring waist.

Karate Uniform comes in countless fabric and weights as some of the uniforms start with 4-6 oz and heaviest up to 14oz. typically, they are available in three weights (large, medium, and Heavy).

If we guide you about fabric, it is usually a blend of cotton/polyester, which is affordable and great for beginners. Some of the uniforms come in 100% cotton and are more absorbent and durable. There are various colors for karate uniforms, as they could be white, black, blue, pink, and red, but white is the most popular choice. In the end, a perfect combination depends on the trainer’s preferences, training, and goals, as for the people who want to fight to get the uniform according to the tournament rules. 


Judo uniforms also include pants and jackets wrapped to keep them in place. They are made up of cotton and come in various colors, but judo focuses on grips. Its variation is stitching at key grip points like shoulders, sleeves, and chest to withstand movement and execute throws and chokes comfortably. 

The collar is almost much thicker, ensuring durability and accommodating martial art’s grip-based techniques. These judo uniforms also come in various weights and colors, but again, we will mention that the selection depends on personal preferences concerning the specific rules of competitions. 


Judo and Jiu-Jitsu uniforms are somehow similar and the best option for training purposes. But it might come with disadvantages in sparring as it will allow more submission-based attacks. 

Moreover, a Judo GI top is long with wide sleeves, while the Jiu-jitsu jacket is usually fitter with shorter, narrower sleeves. These uniforms also come in various colors, weights, and fabric and are even decorated with patches and embroidery. 

Jiu-Jitsu fighters can personalize their uniforms, but according to the rules of tournaments; therefore, they follow the regulations about sleeves and pant measurements. 


Taekwondo Do evolve the form of Karate so that the uniform and their uniforms are easy to distinguish. It has V-neck, which makes it look like a shirt rather than any wrap jacket. The V-neck jacket is trendy, but it comes in various styles, weights, and colors. It usually comes with traditional wrap jackets, adjusted under their belts therefore comfortable enough to deal with different techniques. 

 Here we will provide you with a comparison of judo uniforms by renowned manufacturers. After examining many offers by numerous combat gear companies, our professionals have decided to pick the following quality materials for you. 

 Adidas J500 Unisex Judo Uniform 

Manufacturing Material: Polyester/Cotton

  • They come from one of the most renowned Martial Arts Combat industry brands with seven standard sizing units. Therefore, people do not have too much trouble picking a suitable fit for them.
  • It comes with a single heavy weave to hold up the most brutal matches with comfort, endurance, and high performance.
  • According to weight comes in 19 ounces, the weaver material is Polyester/Cotton, making it durable and comfortable altogether.
  • 150cm soft elasticated Waistband with a drawstring waist will help to hold up quite nicely, and we can use it in long-term sessions without any problem occurring.
  • No belt included.

Adidas J500 Uniform

 Judo Suit Uniform 250G With Free White Belt

Manufacturing Material: Polyester/Cotton

  • The blend of Polyester/Cotton reduces the chance of wear and tear, so they designed it with durability in mind.
  • It comes with a lined white belt to upgrade laters according to their ranks; nonetheless, it adds more value to an already highly affordable package.
  • Diamond woven fabric and a Single woven skirt that is designed to keep comfort in mind to increase mobility to give your best performance.
  • Elastic Waistband offers a perfect fit to take the game to the next level and make it tight and sturdy.
  • It comes with an excellent price to value ratio to ensure the proper fit to measure your hand’s widest point below your knuckles.

Judo Suit Uniform 250G

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