Joseph Parker Defended a significant title but was outpointed by Anthony Joshua. 

Boxing is the most prevalent and popular contact sport, and one must use the right boxing equipment to practice well. Joseph Parker defended a major heavyweight title but was severely defeated by Anthony Joshua in a unification class later. Anthony Joshua won a third world heavyweight title belt and scored a unanimous decision over Joseph Parker at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. However, he won the heavyweight title belt but lost his 100 percent knockout record. In his previous 20 professional fights, Joshua usually got the triumph by knockout. He outpointed Joseph Parker by scores of 118-110, 118-110, and 119-109 after a fight that had moments. 

With this marvelous victory, Joshua already held the WBA and IBF titles picked up Paker’s WBO belt, and this bout made Joseph Parker bear his first professional loss. Joshua came with the strategy to stick behind the jab, a right hand will take the fighter around the block, and a good jab will take you around the world. For twelve rounds, he remained focused and controlled Joseph Parker behind the jab, and it went so light for all these rounds. Although Joseph took it as a war and Joshua took it as boxing finesse, he proved it. 

In total, 12 eventful, tactical rounds, such as subtle and light fights, were not suitable for Joshua as he lost 14 pounds compared to his last fight against Carlos Takam. However, there were some hard points at certain times as fighters looked hurt after an intensive exchange of punches. Joshua, known as the Englishman, triumphed in the first three-belt world heavyweight title unification fight in almost seven years. Now he holds WBA, IBF, and WBO titles, whereas the only title WBC is not in his possession. 

Joseph Parker could frustrate Joshua with his educated jab and movement but could never land any telling or demanding blows. And Parker was unwilling to perform his best in front of taller and bigger men. As a fantastic sportsman, Parker himself admitted, “I got beat by a better champion, a better man; I am going to go back, train hard and come back stronger. No regrets, take it on the chin; we’ll be back again.”

Parker admits after this terrific fight that he must have worked on the inside more and thrown more punches. He had a chance during the opening but could not take advantage; on the other hand, Joshua was dominant from the beginning. 

Over 28 years old, Joshua previously knocked out 20 opponent fighters, but Parker remained to keep off this thing. Although Joshua applied the right uppercut during the bout, it could not work the way it was expected. 

Round 1

Parker started pawning with a left jab, throwing more punches but not putting much into them. Whereas Joshua went up for a counter while closing and threw a few more jabs himself. Joshua throws a few shorts to the body but mainly spends the first round getting the idea of the opponent’s moves. Parker landed more punches in this round. 

Round 2 

Parker continued with a double jab, and Joshua lasted sharp counter to the body, but Parker came back with an overhand right. It was amazing to see how Parker kept his left hand while daring Joshua made him pay for it. It was a measured and composed round by Joshua. 

Round 3

Parker missed with a big right in this round, but Joshua landed a short right uppercut inside. There was a sense that Parker needed to do something to attain Joshua’s attention while Joshua was now snapping the left jab. It was any round for Anthony Joshua, but he also landed the more challenging shots. 

Round 4

Joshua continued with his jabs at his head and body of Parker, which made Parker more hesitant, and Joshua continued with authority. Parker seems to be getting frustrated; although there are no massive shots from either guy, we can see an advantage for Joshua. 

Round 5

Joshua knew well how to take advantage of his size and distance. Parker got desperate and finally compelled to take risks, which helped him a lot and was the best round of the fight. 

Round 6

Here Parker comes in full swing with his right hand and hurts Joshua, and the referee stops the fight, giving Joshua extra time to recover for no reason. Parker is doing a great job in this round in dealing with his physical shortcomings with unpredictable movement. 

Round 7

It contains a flat performance by Anthony Joshua as he is struggling to put punches together, and the referee puts in efforts to make a lousy fight even worse. 

Round 8 

Joshua struggles to put his punches together with left hooks, but overall, it is a dull round. 

Round 9

In a challenging round, Parker came with few connected punches. We can call it one of the most poorly refereed big fights. 

Round 10

Parker cuts above his left eye, but he continues to land a few punches, but Joshua tries a counter uppercut under Parker’s jab but misses. This round was enough for Joshua to win a contest, but he outboxed in the fight. A failing Joshua’s elbow caused the cut. 

Round 11

It was not good for Parker as no fighter was ready to take a chance. Joshua takes the round on activity, although a big right hand by Parker to make it close. 

Round 12

In a low-activity round until the final minute, Joshua lands a right and follows it up with a left. Finally, he seems interested in closing the show, but the referee again breaks the fighters up. Parker lands another short right uppercut to the body. Joshua came out on top of the scoreboards. 

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