Is Judo more dangerous than boxing?

Boxing and Judo are both essential entities of combat sports in the Olympic games. Boxing is one of the most popular fighting styles and is widely spread in this modern world by millions of practitioners. Despite being the most interesting combat sport but has a higher injury rate. However, we can reduce the risk of injuries by using the right boxing gloves.   

Judo is a contact sport that is typically for self-defence and is not about deliberately harming your enemy. Although there is a chance of injuries if fighters do not perform techniques properly or make mistakes in training. To enhance the volume and intensity of an athlete’s physical activity during practice, they use Judo Gi.   

What is boxing?   

Boxing is all about powerful punches, footwork, and head movements. Modern boxing establishes the standards by dividing, using padding boxing gloves, proper rounds, and various other innovations. Boxing is a simple game, where boxers are not allowed to strike below the waist and the head remains the main target. Roughly, boxers throw 65 strikes per round and professionals usually have 40% accuracy in their strikes so brain injury is inevitable.    

On the other hand, Mixed Martial Art is a versatile sport where fighters can grapple or clinch and fight on the ground so there are very less head strikes than in boxing. Boxers usually work on improving their speed, strength, stamina, and power to their punches and blast the opponent’s head.   

What is Judo?   

Judo is a grappling-based martial art and combat sport while throwing the opponent to the ground and submitting him. The main focus is only on throwing and ground control; although it is a physical sport it combines mental and moral states. Judo is a very interesting sport, there are various skills and techniques. Fighters in judo win on the basis of their stances and the main thing is to throw your opponent to the ground. To stay firm with flexibility and movements with great precision judo players must wear Judo Gi.   

Judo comes with various benefits including enhanced agility, speed, strength, flexibility, endurance, self-confidence, competitive spirit, and controlled impulsiveness.   

Boxing vs. Judo  

Both of combat sports have a lot to offer and develop a well-rounded unarmed fighting skill set. Boxing is a combat sport where two fighters fight with their fists under a specific set of rules. In comparison, judo is a martial art that is a sport centered on throwing and controlling the opponent on the ground.   

  • Boxing and Judo have opposite approaches as boxing limits its practitioners to use punches, straights, hooks, and uppercuts to conquer their opponent. In addition, with footwork perfection, distance management, and proper positioning. In boxing, we expect more dangerous injuries due to various upper body shots, especially headshots. 
    However, Judo has no strikes but it is about throwing techniques. There are various techniques in traditional judo which involve feet and ground to pin the opponent and no hard throw is involved.   
  • Judo is about throws and ground control, still, it includes strikes and defence that would be effective for real-life defence. It prepares the body and mind to fight against a resisting opponent. Physical strength and endurance are essential in Judo to ensure excellent fighting skills. Even traditional techniques one cannot use as practitioners just want to compete and defeat the opponent without hurting the opponent. Therefore, judo is the best option to control your opponents without harming them.  
    Boxing is a practical sport where punches are the faster strikes while devastating landing strikes end a fight very quickly. Boxing is quite challenging and competitive even during practice which will make them learn well-rounded skills. The more effective and dangerous are during practical enforcement and self-defence.   
  • Both sports are physically demanding and highly competitive with different physical demands. But both sports are very demanding. But if we compare both, boxing is more challenging, popular and dangerous, undoubtedly boxing is at the top of judo. Both sports are included in the Olympics so it is very important and involves ambitious competitors.   
  • Boxing is far more popular than Judo in terms of money as well so more people try to get their hands on it. But boxing is indeed more complicated than judo and dangerous as well.   


The greatest risk of combat sports, especially boxing, is a very dangerous sport as it can cause a traumatic brain injury. Whereas Judo is just a physical exercise for bones and muscles and continuous activity that promises fitness all over the body and is not a dangerous sport at all. If we talk about learning comparison of both games then it depends on personal goals and motivations. However, boxing is a violent sport but it is part of mainstream culture and Judo is a more traditional martial art with strict philosophy and is easier on the body and mind. While practicing both combat sports, whether boxing or Judo, ensure your safety first. Click here for premium quality boxing gloves and Judo Gi to reduce the risk of injury without breaking your bank.  

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