Is Cardio Kickboxing Good for Self Defense?

Cardio Kickboxing is the most striking martial arts and focuses on kicks and punches. It takes you through a high-intensity workout and preparing yourself for a real-life situation. Conversely, it is a group fitness class that comes with high energy and building stamina. Highly practical with mental toughness, focus, speed, and strength. In today’s world, safety is uncertain after getting into Cardio Kickboxing makes you strong and physically fit with specific techniques to respond quickly to any attack. However, self-defense depends on the intensity of the workout, along with the instruction and relevance. In this specified workout, one does not learn grappling or ground combat, but learning any martial art gives you the advantage to defend yourself. 

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing comes with some martial art techniques and operates like a group fitness class. It comes with a high-paced cardio workout to lose weight or stay in shape. Usually, it includes punches, kicks, and knee strikes. It is much different from a typical gym workout because every muscle of your body is engaged. It is an exceptional cardiovascular workout that is highly motivating and transforms you into a better shape. 


Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing

Self-defense is not necessarily involved, but we must guide you about the various benefits of training cardio kickboxing. Along with the growth of physical and mental strength, we will provide you with a list of benefits. To know more about its advantages, keep on reading!

Total Body Workout:

Constantly exercising is just part of your body and helps you to build muscles. For example, kickboxing is a martial art but also a combat sport and a complete body workout. It is a pretty flexible workout that burns an incredible amount of body fat. As a result of this, your muscles get toned simultaneously and ultimately leading to better metabolism. 

Total Body workout

Self-Defense Skills:

The Cardio Kickboxing will make you learn the basics of self-defense as it makes you know to strike, knee, kick along with elbow strikes. Thus, it is a combination of physical workouts and life-saving skills simultaneously. Although taking it up as self-defense is not the best choice, it teaches you to punch and kick correctly. Eventually, such practice drills will improve your fitness, strength, and power to work as self-defense. 

Self defence skills

Weight Loss:

According to a general survey, there is a burn of 500 to over 1,000 calories in one session. Cardio kickboxing sheds off weight faster than anything else as it is a pretty challenging and intense workout. Other exercises can help build muscles; therefore, to shape up your body and burn fats, there is Cardio kickboxing we recommend most. 

Weight loss

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Nevertheless, it improves endurance and boosts your energy by making your stamina better. In addition, such a workout makes your heart and lungs strong, resulting in improved cardiovascular health. We all know well that cardiovascular fitness is essential if you want to stay healthy. 

Improve cardiovascular health

Stress Reliever

A good workout is essential for your brain health and to make you feel good. Throwing punches and kicking will help to relieve some stress and frustration. Kickboxing is a healthy way to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Consequently, it will help to improve your mental clarity and night rest. 

Stress Reliever

Kick Boxing Techniques and Self-Defense

Cardio Kickboxing techniques can disable an attacker and help to get flee from the dangerous spot. Some kickboxing moves can block and counter the attacker with power. It helps to keep your overall fitness and knock your opponent back. Indeed, the best way to start your self-defense journey is that it never teaches you any groundwork or grappling. Along with this, it will not help you to count real-life or street fighting. Self-defense drills come into specific training related to it. 


We will recommend Cardio Kickboxing as a fantastic sport for health, fitness, and self-discipline. But we also advise you to get better self-defense alternatives to get prepared in a real-life situation. However, self-defense is not a primary object of cardio kickboxing as no grappling, standup striking, and choking techniques are involved. To get into details about Combat sports’ best gear, click here

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