How to Strengthen Your Wrists for Boxing

It’s not all about those biceps: the most underrated part of your arm is probably your wrist, and it holds a lot of sway over the strength of your punches. The wrist plays a significant part in channelling your strength, as well as in stabilising your punch during impact. Ignoring your wrists during training can lead to numerous injuries such as wrist strains, dislocation, and in the worst case scenario, a broken wrist. To make sure your wrists can withstand impact so you can stay in the game, try mixing a series of easy but effective wrist exercises into your workout.

Home Workouts for Wrist Strength

There’s no excuse when it comes to these exercises, because everything you need for them is probably at your house right now. You don’t need specialised equipment to keep those wrists in check, just try these out:

  1. Push-ups: This classic exercise may be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. Push-ups not only aim to strengthen your wrists but in turn they also strengthen your forearms, shoulders, and back. Since all these muscles work in tandem, you’ll be upping both your overall upper body strength and your resilience.
  2. Wrist Twists:  Turning your wrists clockwise for about 3 minutes, and then anticlockwise for the same amount of time helps in increasing your wrist flexibility as well as in strengthening your wrists. Doing this keeps your wrists elastic by increasing your blood flow in the area. Try it out as part of your cool down.

Wrist Strength

Wrist Workouts at the Gym

 At the gym there is a variety of wrist strengthening equipment that will help develop your power and flexibility. Here are some of our top picks to get those wrists in shape:

  1. Wrist Curl: Lay your arm on a bench with the wrist on the edge. Start with light weights, and move your wrists up and down slowly and purposefully. This curling motion combined with resistance will strengthen your wrists.
  2. Pull-ups: This is where the pull up bar at the gym comes in handy. Start with 3-5 pull ups if you’re a beginner and proceed to increase your pull count each day. Pull-ups help in not only increasing wrist strength but also help in building your shoulders, chest and back, promoting better shoulder stability and upper body strength.
  3. Dumbbells: Grab those free weights and let your arms hang by your sides, curling your wrists in an upward and downward motion. This works much like wrist curls in a different plane of movement: it strengthens the tendon muscles around the wrists. His exercise also greatly improves the mobility of the arm and wrists, making your grip and stability a lot better.

Wrist Workout

The Fear of Injury

 It is without saying that every athlete faces injuries: a footballer faces the fear of twisting his ankle and knees, and tennis players fear the risk of injuring their arm, shoulders and wrists. The same goes for boxers. One wrong punch and your wrist can give out, taking your out of the game. However, the preventative measures mentioned above can make you a more resilient boxer, freeing your mind to focus on your game. If you practice good prevention, an injury doesn’t have to end it all. One can recover from a serious injury or strain through proper rest and physical therapy. Recovering and strengthening the wrists after injury is a complicated form of healing which requires a lot of patience, but it is not impossible. To heal from a wrist injury one has to take proper rest and apply the prescribed healing gel around the injured area. A boost to your nutrition by taking supplements as well as upping proteins also boosts healing. Physiotherapy exercises for the wrist are also recommended.  

Injury Fear

Treat Your Wrists Right

To stabilise the wrists for boxing, boxers usually wear inner gloves or hand wraps. This gives a more firm fit to the glove and stops the wrist from moving around, protecting the tendons from injury. The right inner gloves  can save your wrist from being dislocated. Additionally, they maximise the momentum transferred from the arm to the hand and then to the target.

Treat your Wrist Right

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