How to practice slipping punches alone

One can reap incredible benefits from Slipping Punches and putting your opponent in hot waters. Nonetheless, head movement is essential in Boxing during offensive or defensive situations. 

 What is Slipping Punches?

Slipping punches is one of the primary defensive strategies and is similar to bobbing. It is a proactive measure to control an opponent by applying a constant pressure level. Slipping Punches is a slight movement of the head to miss the incoming punch before any impact. It needs adequate training and practice with boxing gear to anticipate the throw to evade the attack. 

 When does the fighter Slip Punches? 

However, slipping punch is an effective defensive move, but if we execute it properly at the right time, it will off balance your opponent. Not only is it a protective measure to control your opponent, but it will also allow you to do a counter punch. Moreover, it can drain your opponent’s energies to throw or land any punch. As a result, your opponent will be exhausted when not hitting the target. 

Keep an eye on whether your opponent moves his feet or cocks his elbow before throwing the punch. Practice well to perfect this move as it all happens very quickly. Make your timing and reflexes be on point to take advantage. 

 How to counter off a Slipped Punch?

A successful Slipping Punch with Boxing Gloves on will provide counterpunching opportunities. When you slip a punch, your opponent gets vulnerable, and this is the moment you come back with a powerful and quick attack. Again, natural counters have a significant impact; if slipping left, there is a left counter cross. 

During training, we learn how to block with your arm, but you must use Boxing gear along with Boxing Gloves for protection. Although blocking by the arm is a defensive move, it makes it hard to throw a counter punch at your opponent. Certainly, Slipping Punches are a wise defensive move, as it will free up your arms for a counter punch. 

 Practice well to get perfection

As the objective of Boxing is to hit without getting hit very often, practicing slipping punches will make you a solid fighter. One can improve one’s head movements using various facilities, equipment, and drills. 

Shadowboxing is a great way to acquire this defensive technique to make your movement tighter and practice alone. Moreover, practice in front of the mirror to make your head move faster and gracefully to last you’re slipping punch in a better way. 

We suggest using a double-ended bag for traditional head movement training and slip the punch. Typically, you punch a bag with force, and it strikes back with power vigorously. When the bag springs back, you take it as your opponent’s punch and practice head movement. 

Practice a partner wearing boxing gloves on focus mitts to train head movement like a pro fighter. Focus on punch combinations; use focus mitts and Boxing gear to practice slipping punches during intense drills. Although, you cannot practice alone if you want to practice with boxing mitts. 

Keep practicing, and repeat the movements constantly that slipping punches should be on your tips while boxing. 

 How to Slip a Punch?

While slipping punches, be careful not to drop the first punch or a single jab. Usually, the experienced fighter will know that you are falling his throw and fake the jab to get you. 

Always use this defensive technique when your opponent is applying combination punches. It would be the best time to slip the energy when you and your opponent constantly exchange throws.

Mechanism of Slipping Punches

When we talk about slipping a punch, it’s about slipping inside and slipping outside. Slipping inside means that your body shifts to the left, an effective defence against straight punches and uppercuts. On the other hand, in Slipping outside, you shift your body to the right for upcoming throws. 

Slipping Inside: 

  • Make your Boxing stance that pushes from the back foot to rotate the hips.
  • After rotation held, the left leg would be leading and slightly bent at the knee. This bent will help to rotate hips as required.
  • Hip rotation takes place around the central axis covering the right cross.
  • After the completion of the rotation, return to home stance.

 Slipping Outside: 

  • Make boxing home stance.
  • Push from the front foot while rotating the upper body slightly clockwise.
  • The head will move barely, suitable for incoming punches.
  • Back to home stance.

 Make sure to slip outside of a punch, not the inside, to get a better chance for counter punching. That is to say, inside punching will increase getting hit. 

 Tips for best Slipping Punches 

  • Try to slip bigger punches, not jabs, as enormous forces will take time to recover stance. The opponent will be off-balance and wide open for a counterattack.
  • Jabs are quick punches, and you can miss the target.
  • Slip head punches as they would be easier.
  • You can block body shots with your arms.
  • Do not bend your waist; instead, use your legs to make an upper-body move for effective counter punching.
  • Do not move right or left too much and drain energy and reduce the chance of taking advantage of the opponent misses any shot.

 A Concluded Note: 

Slipping Punches is a simple mechanism to slip your opponent’s punches and land your shots effectively. You train head movements to avoid various attacks and evade them while counterattacking at the same time. However, to prepare well, you need the right Boxing gear, boxing gloves, and a knowledgeable coach. Check out Strapro Combat to get premium quality boxing equipment for intense workout drills. 

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