How to maintain your body shape? Best boxing drills

Boxing could be a great solution when you are planning to be in your fitness routine. Training like a boxer is about intensity and offers a complete body workout. Boxing is the best physical activity for anyone seeking to get into shape. The basic movements during boxing drills utilize almost entire muscle groups and practicing a full body workout. 

Aside from techniques, one can learn a lot of fast and varied movements. One can get additional benefits from learning sharper reflexes, better balance, coordination, and strength control. Boxing workouts are often long and intense to fit in a warm-up conditioning exercise and strength training. Training prepares your mind and makes any combatant perform under pressure. 

Boxing is quite trendy and effective in getting your body in fantastic shape. It uses your hands most during training sessions which are an essential part of your body, so to protect your hand use boxing gloves. Always choose premium boxing gear to ensure safety while getting a boxer body. 

According to professionals, boxing training methodology improves strength, agility, cardiovascular effectiveness, and skill. Boxing workouts will build resilience and bring numerous physical results. 

 What if any fighter needs a boxing drill? 

Workouts vary the exercises as much as possible to mimic the fight with the continuously changing pace. A boxing drill is about repeating boxing movements, a combo of punches in flow. In addition, the exercise’s purpose is to synchronize your body with the footwork and punches. That will help improve the stance stability and control over your body. 

Any practitioner must design it to improve every aspect of boxing skills and get a grip on fundamentals. With time with proper boxing drills, you can stay comfortable in your boxing movements. One can practice footwork and offence boxing drills at home, whereas to learn defensive skills, you need a partner. Here we focus on the exercises that will develop body shape and correct posture. 

Get in the proper stance

Any beginner who needs to learn the jab from your cross and how to stand correctly must start focusing on stance. Start by forming a stance essential to your success that helps to land and dodge punches simultaneously. Optimal posture will help you to put yourself in the best position to take a throw and then deal with it. For instance, if you are right-handed, your left leg will be in front, and the more powerful arm will be further back to maximize force generation. At the same time, the left stance or Southpaw will be opposite. 

Start with your feet shoulder-width apart for the proper stance while keeping an imaginary line in mind and standing there. Righties move the left foot forward while the heel touches the imaginary line and shift the left foot back while the toe is on the line. Likewise, the lefties will practice this position oppositely.

Bring the weight on the balls of your feet while softening your knees, the dominant fist touching the side of your chin with your index finger, during the non-dominant fist up till cheek height. Keep elbows in close, feeling your ribs and keep the elbows tucked to enhance the power of punches. 

Boxing workouts

Boxing workouts are exercises that help to strengthen your muscles and enhance boxing movements. One can perform these things alone at home, and there is no need for partners to perform these drills. Good boxing workouts focus on building stamina and stability with good core strength and well-developed lower muscles. 

Boxing drills and boxing workouts will improve your physique and allow you to get into shape quickly. Running is an easy activity that develops lower body stamina and strength. One must focus on the goal of building life first and then speed. 

We will guide you about some of the best boxing exercises that include:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Jump ropes
  • Running
  • Pull-ups
  • Get ups

Some of the basic boxing movements to learn include: 

  • Jabs
  • Crosses
  • Hooks
  • Uppercuts
  • Front kicks
  • Roundhouse kicks
  • Side kicks

 Weight loss through boxing

Cardio boxing can be a great addition to a weight loss plan. Remember that 3,500 calories make one pound, and we need to lose an extra 500 to 1000 calories daily. A boxing workout will help you to lose two pounds per week. Without carrying excess weight, one can lose weight through lower kicks, slower jab-cross motions, and more. 


Most boxing drills are at home with little or no equipment, only boxing gloves, and a punching bag. One can start with shadowboxing, which requires no equipment for basic boxing skills. At the same time, all punching drills require boxing gloves for hand protection from an unwanted or sudden injury. Although punching bags and pads are unnecessary, beginners can use them to refine their punching skills. Practice well, and take your boxing workouts to the next level, as boxing is an excellent way to get in shape. 

To ensure safety, check out StarPro boxing equipment, including boxing gloves, to train well without breaking the bank. 

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