How to lose weight with MMA?

People come with various reasons to go for martial art training as we are here to lose weight with MMA. We are well aware that MMA is the fastest growing sport globally as it is diverse by consisting of striking, grappling, and a mixture of different martial arts, etc. Many people adopt it to learn the skill, while many leave to embrace it as a personal challenge. Generally, people assume it is for physical fitness, and weight loss is indeed a motivation. 

Best workouts for MMA fighters and complete training steps guide that will help you to lose weight, in which you keep your heart rate up and burn calories more, rather than you take in. Burn fat but eat enough to get your necessary nutrients. The mixed martial arts workout will give you a variety of suitable exercises to target weight loss issues. However, we cannot ignore that weight loss comes with certain caveats, and we will address that as well. We will go through various steps in detail that will help you to lose weight with MMA.

Lose Weight with MMA

  • Set your Goals by calculating your weight and calories intake.
  • Check nutrients that you intake and eat high-quality food.
  • Please choose the right MMA workouts, add training to your daily schedule, and then stick to it.
  • Stick to the track, achieve the goals and keep pushing yourself.
  • In the end, enjoy the reward of hard work, reap the rewards by getting a new, healthy way of living.

Martial art is the best way to improve your fitness level and lose weight without getting into boring standard cardio exercises. It is a false concept that MMA comes with dangerous techniques; it is the safest physical activity. 

Lose weight with MMA

MMA Workouts and their benefits

Mixed martial arts training drills help you burn an impressive number of calories through strength training and cardiovascular workouts. However, there are certain places with high-intensity exercises without traditional weight lifting. Martial arts involve a lot of cardiovascular activities that burn an impressive amount of calories. Typically, 600-2000 calories per day, even from grappling, kickboxing, or simple shadow boxing. The self-defense aspect comes with MMA and the benefits of self-confidence and resolving psychological issues like depression and anxiety. 

We will suggest you try everything as it is more intimidating than yoga or treadmills. We recommend you start slow and take MMA strictly for a healthier lifestyle and a way to lose weight. Understand how our body reacts to high intensity of MMA workouts. The best thing about MMA is to work out with a lot of fun and an engaging workout with a combo of favorite sport and best skills. Engage in your training with high speed and intense moves to maximize weight loss goals. 

MMA workout and benefits

Is MMA a good way to losing weight?

Calories burn due to functionality or other activity. However, activity is a movement we engage in, and every single piece of action burns calories. Therefore, every average person has to burn more calories than they consume. MMA training is that intense exercise that burns an enormous amount of calories. We cannot determine how many calories burn in any training session as it depends on your genetics, weight, a specific set of exercises, etc. 

As we all already know that MMA is a combat sport that comes with grappling and striking aspects. Striking aspects include punches and kicks while grappling involves wrestling, clinching, and submission attempts. All of these aspects, as mentioned earlier, consume a lot of energy. Thus, it is a way towards a healthy lifestyle and a positive transformation of your body and mind, so just enjoy the process. Do not restrict yourself but try to stick to calories intake. Eat healthily and follow a proper warm-up and stretch session after. Becoming leaner and getting some muscles after burning fat will give you energetic feelings. 

MMA workout

For an MMA workout, you must be clear that opt for the most challenging exercises for explosiveness and speed. High-intensity activities will help you shred 1000 calories in 45 minutes but make sure to cut down unhygienic food along with training. 

MMA body workout

Pre-Workout moves

Before getting into an intense workout, drills must go for 10 minutes warm-up exercise. In warm-up exercise, you ran for 8 minutes, Arms opened and closed for 1 minute, and arms moved in a circular position for one minute. 

MMA moves

  • Technical Standup comes with techniques like sweeps and takedowns, an important self-defense application.
  • Alligator Walk is a drill for core strength and classic for hip mobility.
  • Roll up to Shin used to fight off your back with the benefits of hip flexibility.
  • Bridges, an excellent exercise for the movements in MMA.
  • Shoot and Sprawl is a burpee.
  • Compass Drill to develop the skills for Granby Rolls, a defense technique used in wrestling.
  • Roll up to Feet and Jump for balance, momentum, and strength in your legs.
  • Stand up in Guard to develop leg strength and balance.
  • Rest for 2-3 minutes.
  • Repeat Circuit.

MMA Body moves

MMA equipment

As we have already mentioned many times that MMA includes grappling and striking aspects. This combat sport comes with top-notch coaching equipment for protection. We will recommend you to pick according to your demand for training . For some proactive gear that dealt with MMA requirements and specialized regarding this sport,  click here


There is a misconception that MMA is a dangerous game and learned to beat people up. Therefore, we have provided you with worthy details about the benefits of learning MMA and how it helps you lose weight efficiently. With an MMA workout, one can lose weight significantly, transform your body into shape, and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle. 

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