How to learn Boxing at home without a punching bag

Rising from the ground up accompanying hard work, using no fancy equipment is always appealing. So, it is always fascinating to box with no equipment. Although whenever we think about Boxing, the first thing came to mind, any person with gloves on practicing punching a bag. However, punching is not always like this, and there are specific techniques and alternatives. Various resources will help to get the required workout. 

We will guide you about shadowboxing at home and many exercises that do not require any equipment. To develop your skills, we will provide you with boxing workouts correctly and intensively. We understand that Boxing works out without equipment is all about basic punching techniques and boxing moves. However, some punching gears are pretty affordable and bring innovation (Click here, to find out some at the StarPro Combat site). But we are interested to learn how to box with a punching bag. So, keep reading to know when resources are limited, learn to box without using a punching bag. 

Boxing Ways to Box Without a Punching Bag


shadowboxing is one of the most popular methods of Boxing at home without any punching bag. Moreover, you can wear Boxing Gloves to mimic fighting and enhance your endurance. Time duration for a workout is totally up to you, but typically a round lasts for 1-2 minutes, but it is unnecessary. One can choose time sessions according to their ease and stamina. Shadowboxing is actually to improve your concentration and stamina, and all you need is one room where you can start throwing punches. 


Shadowboxing for Beginners:

We will outline some of the simple steps to box without a punching bag. 


In shadowboxing, the stance is critical, in which non-dominant feet always be in front. Most boxers put their left foot in front when they start Boxing, in front of their right foot. Avoid standing with your feet too narrow or too wide, and change your stance frequently. While Boxing changing your posture will help you work out both sides’ muscles of your body. To ensure a full-body workout, move forward, backward, and sideways.  

Arm Position: 

Put your arms in a position that you are protecting your ribs from your opponent. Bend your elbows and place them in a way to protect your ribs. Make your fist like your thumb covers your four fingers, and hold that fist next to your face. 


There are four types of basic punches, including jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. These punches altogether form combinations by considering your weight and power. Always start by putting weight on your front leg and extending the same arm forward. 

Jab: It is a straight punch, and basic punches start with a jab, which means straight out and back. Bodyweight shifts to your lead leg during jab and bodyweight turns slightly to the lead side. 

Cross: a straight punch using your power hand means the rear hand. It will rotate your body to the front, and your body weight will shift to your lead leg. 

Hooks: Typically, these are for medium-distance targets, so your body shifts a little bit to your lead side with a lead arm hook. During throwing a hook, your arm comes out to the side of your body, making a 90-degree angle. While rear arm hook, body shifts to backside and weight on the lead leg. 

Uppercut: It is more specific for short and medium-distance targets, as throwing lead arm uppercut bends the knees and dips the rear shoulder to get face protection. The lead arm will be upward towards the opponent’s chin, and elbows are bent. At the same time, the rear arm will remain rigid in guard. 

Combine Stance and Punch

After getting comfortable with your stance and punch, you can combine them for a full-body workout. Shadowboxing is all about the imagination of hitting your opponent on their head or stomach. 

Focus Mitts 

Their extensive use is in the Martial Art of Muay Thai, it evolved, and now it is an essential training gear for Boxing and workout. Focus Mitts are padded surfaces attached to gloves and an excellent alternative way of shadowboxing. It would be best if you had a partner when boxing through Focus mitts as your trainer will yell different numbers to practice combinations of moves. For example, if the trainer yells 1,2, or 3, the boxer has to do a jab, cross, or hook movement. The trainer will be ready with counter moves or defense. It is indeed helpful to learn techniques of Boxing without a punching bag. 

Wrist Weights

These are very important to increase resistance to your movements, eventually provide better workouts. You can start with lightweight and increase the weights over time. Wearing wrists weights is also a fantastic alternative to shadowboxing. These are very useful to improve shoulder endurance and help Boxing work out without punching bags. 


Car tires have similarities with punching bags and can be an excellent alternative. Get 5-6 Tyres and place them on one another and attach them firmly and start practicing. Tires will be helpful during practicing workouts and avoid injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 
  • Can you learn Boxing without going to the gym?

Yes, you can learn to box by yourself with the help of online material. You can learn all the training you need through online blogs, videos, articles, tutorials, and phone apps.

  • What can you use instead of a punching bag?

There are numerous alternatives to a punching bag, such as floor bags, punch balls with stands, and boxing reflex balls. Most important, you can use alternative techniques like shadowboxing, wrist weights, etc. 

Concluded Note:  

Although Boxing at home is convenient and economical, proper guidelines are also essential when you start to box. First, you have to learn the basics and techniques and then choose an area to practice or an intense workout. Boxing without a punching bag is not a great deal; in fact, it is pretty easy and convenient with the help of enlisted alternatives. 

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