How to increase kicking speed and power for MMA

Kicks are an essential but most devastating weapon within MMA. Martial artists incorporate kicks for defense, but the moves can take time to execute with power, precision, and speed. Most kicking abilities depend on timing, energy, and control, whereas rate gets little recognition. A powerful and measured kick could be devastating, but if it lacks speed, it will make the opponent predict the movements quickly and manage to deal with it. 

Improving the kicking power and speed will help to improve the overall effectiveness of martial arts. Increasing the kicking power during martial arts practice involves strengthening the leg, core, lower back muscles, and glute hip. Muscles are the fundamental source of energy to kick in martial arts. Hence, one must work on speed to develop a good and effective kicking technique. 

Kicks in martial arts could be effective enough to stop opponents and attackers. However, one must deliver the kick with power and speed to achieve the intended goal. At the same time, it could be the most brutal martial arts technique to master. To master the technique, one must practice well while ensuring protection with the help of the right boxing equipment, including a kick shield. Although several drills and techniques can make the kick tremendously powerful, we will guide you with some basic knowledge to knock someone out before they overcome you. 

 Here are a few great tips to improve kicking speed and power

Kicking is essential in martial arts, utilizing legs and other body parts, especially hands. Kicks are the most crucial offensive asset, as effective kicking will open up the possibilities of a successful MMA career. A perfect technique will help you to kick fast, as one must master to kick at a higher speed. To kick fast, one must need to start in slow motion. 

While performing your kicks, try slowing them down to check the flow with your body form. It will help to understand kicking abilities, including kicking speed, and muscle fibers increase endurance and help develop a rhythmic pace for swift kicks. We have covered some basic things that will help maximize your power, speed, and explosiveness as a combatant. 

One can increase kicking strength by exercising the muscles responsible for generating the power in your kicks. It does not involve only leg muscles; developing solid core, and hip flexor muscles significantly increase your kicks’ capacity. 

 Kicking speed

Lateral box jumps 

Such drills will build your leg muscles, and you must stand on a sturdy platform. One needs to stand on the left side of the box, jump towards the right, and vice versa while building up the speed and keep jumping. This explosive drill will help build your legs and improve your overall momentum. 

Start slowly 

Starting slow is the key to quickness, and one must begin to slow to achieve a quick and effective shot. The kick needs to be in perfect order and coordination. To achieve the target, one must approach it with a lot of patience. Focus on your movements and achieve by only going slowly to them; that will help perfect your technique and eventually improve your speed. 

Focus on strengthening core posture 

For speed and power, posture must be firm. With proper posture, you will be helpful for optimal balance and posture for powerful and fast kicks. In addition, a lot of work out will help to strengthen your core through regular sit-ups and planks along with advanced core techniques. 

Ankle weights 

The weights will pull you to create a counter force that will make you use more energy to achieve the same speed and will help to improve speed. Ankle weights will instantly increase your power and speed along weigh extra force and no counterforce to slow you down. 

 Kicking power 

Power is also an important aspect that will help to place a strong and perfect shot to knock out. Increasing offensive power will come with enhanced defensive power, which is essential to balance speed and power. In addition, some workout methods will help to increase power. 

Balance and core 

Core and posture are also essential for power, and technique will also be there for a well-powered kick. 

Leg muscles 

For powerful kicks, one needs powerful legs with powerful muscles. Therefore, adopting various workout techniques that experts designed to strengthen your leg muscles that can increase the power aspect quickly. 


It is a great way to exercise many muscles that one will use in kicking. In addition, cycling will help build your core, hip, quads, and lower back muscles. 

Concluded Note 

One can strengthen Core muscles and lower back with a wide range of exercises to train their kicks. Try to complete and build basic things that will help high-volume timed kicks. Developing strength and explosive power will transfer to kicking harder and knocking out the opponent. To practice well, one must use high-quality equipment to learn the best technique with protection. Check StarPro combat for premium quality boxing equipment, MMA gloves, and a kick shield without breaking the bank. 

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