How to improve punching speed

If you’re a boxer, one of the things you’re constantly trying to improve is your punching speed. There are a number of efficient workouts that may help you improve your punching speed, but first you must understand punching in general, good boxing technique, and the muscles you utilize when hitting.

What muscles get you to punch quicker?

Understanding the muscles that go into a punch is a crucial part of learning how to maximize punching speed. Punching is about more than simply arm strength. Your entire body, from your feet to your knuckles, will be used in a proper punch.
While all muscles are necessary for a punch, concentrating on just a few might help you learn to punch quicker. Here’s a short rundown:

Legs & Chest

A big chunk of the force in a punch comes from your legs and chest. Rotational speed generates the majority of this power, which may be increased by strengthening the legs and chest. Increased rotational speed will also enhance the speed of your blows.


While your arms do not provide the majority of the force in a punch, they are responsible for the strike’s “snap.” To improve this snap, work on forearm and wrist strength, as well as your biceps and triceps.


Overall punch speed is mostly determined by your back muscles. When you return to your guard after a punch, your back muscles kick in to regulate how fast your attack is delivered. This return movement will be aided by strengthening your back muscles.


You may improve the rotational speed of your punch by strengthening your abdominal muscles with core exercises.
We know the muscles that get you to punch quicker but how should we increase our punching speed? Let’s take a look at these 5 techniques to get us to punch faster.


Shadowboxing is a technique to throw punches in the air. It aids neuromuscular coordination by helping your nervous system to transmit quicker impulses to your arms. Work on the left jab, right cross, left hook, overhand right, left uppercut, and right uppercut, among other punches. Continue with combinations like a left jab followed by a left hook, or a left uppercut, right uppercut, and right cross combination. Concentrate on each punch’s technique and speed.


Speed bag workouts

Speed bag training improves hand-eye coordination and muscle endurance in the shoulders and arms while increasing punching speed. With the bag hanging around the height of your mouth, throw quick, compact blows. Keep the bag bouncing back and forth in a rhythmic motion. As your coordination improves, increase your punching pace.

Speed bag workout

Quick breaths

Concentrate on strengthening your breathing technique while you punch, with a special focus on breathing quicker. It will hold you back if you tense up and hold your breath when punching. You should breathe in and out in time with your blows, and maintain your shoulders open and relaxed while punching.
Breathing keeps your blood oxygenated, which keeps your mind alert and your muscles energized, it also strengthens your core, giving your punch more power.

Quick breath training

Explosive or Plyo pushups

Explosive of Plyo pushups can help you develop strength in your chest, shoulders, and triceps, the primary upper-body muscles involved in punching. Plyo pushups are similar to ordinary pushups, except instead of keeping a constant tempo, you drop down to the floor at a consistent speed and then explode up off the floor.
You should be able to lift your upper body off the ground with enough force. When you land, your hands are ready to move into the next rep right away. Add a clap while your upper body is off the floor as you progress. Three to five sets of five to ten repetitions are recommended.

Explosive Pushups training

Interval training

Interval training on the heavy bag is one of the most effective ways to increase endurance. It will imitate the beginning and end of a boxing round. Interval training also produces faster and stronger results. Set your timer or interval clock for three three-minute rounds with a one-minute break in between. Stand on opposing sides of a bag with a partner. One person holds the bag while the other punches constantly for 15-20 seconds. Switch at every interval.
Continue in this manner until the round is completed. Don’t sweat it if you don’t get the 15-20 seconds exactly right. Stop when you think you’ve made it to the end of the time limit and take the bag from your partner.

Explosive or Plyo Pushups

Your back and arm muscles will over time acquire the stamina to punch quickly over the duration of a complete fight.

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