How to Clean, Wash, & Deodorize your Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves can end up smelling far worse if they are kept without proper hygiene and care. Have you ever been through something with a very offensive smell due to smelly and dirty boxing gloves? Boxing gloves are the essential equipment used in boxing, and fighters carry them even in the ring. Typically, vigorous training drills and intense workouts make your gloves smell bad.  

There are certain products and care for gloves maintenance and avoid stinky odour. If you are looking for suggestions on how to keep your boxing gloves clean? We will guide you with various steps and sanitary conditions to avoid the notorious smell and irritation. Fortunately, there are multiple steps one can take to preserve your boxing gloves’ investment and make them last longer. 

What are the reasons that Boxing Gloves Stink?

  • When Boxing Gloves are left unattended after workout sessions, there is a platform for bacteria breeding that causes stinky odour. As you sweat during each training and moisture promotes bacterial growth and foul odour.
  • Some people put their gloves in Gym bag after a sweaty training session without blowing fresh air into them, where bacteria begin to build up.
  • If anyone is not airing their gloves after using them in intense workout sessions, they could be stinking to higher hell.
  • We must mention here that do not give machine wash to your Boxing gloves after using them, as it can ruin the texture of your martial art equipment.

Boxing Gloves Stink

Why should one clean their Boxing Gloves?

Eliminating the odour is essential for civilized folk, as one should not force the surroundings to experience foul odour. To increase the life span of boxing gloves to save your investment by keeping them clean and odour-free. Keeping your gloves clean will increase their longevity effects. Keeping your Boxing Gloves clean will help you prevent any nail or skin infection; eventually, taking care of your boxing equipment is taking care of yourself. 

Boxing Gloves Cleaning

How to keep your Boxing Gloves clean?

Honestly, keeping your boxing gloves clean is not a challenging task. With a simple cleaning and maintenance guideline, one can make their gloves last longer and stay odour-free. 

Cleaning Boxing Gloves


Even the most advanced cleaning products cannot bring your horrible smelly boxing gloves back to life. Instead, reduce your cleaning efforts and safe time by applying preventive measures based on quick and easy acts. 

Let dry your Boxing Gloves completely.

An intense workout comes with sweating, so drying your boxing gloves after every drill is essential as most germs and bacteria grow in moisture, so never provide that platform that lasts with the stinking smell. So, after every training session, put your gloves in a ventilated area or hang them in front of a fan. You can also dry them under the sun but avoid intense sunshine as it can shrink your gloves, or they can last with cracks. 

Do not put your gloves in your gym bag.

After training sessions, many fighters put their gloves in their gym bags, which is heaven for bacteria to reproduce and grow. So we recommend you not put your gloves in a bag after using them immediately; in fact, place your gloves in a plastic bag after use. Then, after getting the right ventilated place, put them out and let them air-dry, and after drying, you can put them back in your gym bag. 

Wipe your gloves after using them every time

To keep your Gloves odour-free, wipe them inside and out with a clean towel after every use. It will minimize the amount of moisture and prevent bacteria from growing and causing foul smells. 

Hand Wraps 

Hand Wraps provide excellent support and soak up sweat in your gloves while training. But make sure that wash your wraps after every training drill, and keep multiple pairs of hand wraps to keep them clean. Hand wraps act like sponges and absorb moisture but make sure to keep your hand wraps clean regularly. 

Wash your hands

A most important preventive measure is to wash your hands before putting on gloves, and yes, dry them thoroughly after washing them. Even if you feel that your hands are not dirty, still wash them as this act will wash away germs from your skin. Moreover, keep a hand sanitizer with you to keep your hands clean and odour-free. 

Various ways for Cleaning your Boxing Gloves

By applying all the preventive measures, never forget that we are human and not perfect; sometimes, we forget our boxing gloves in gym bag overnight. If you do not plan to clean gloves immediately, put them in an airy place, and try to clean them after every workout session. 

Anti-Bacterial Spray to Kill germs 

There is so many deodorizing Spray available for all types of equipment, especially for Boxing Gloves, as it is the essential part of Combat gear. It usually contains natural active ingredients which are non-irritating and non-toxic. These sprays will help you minimize the growth of bacteria and germs, making your gloves odour-free and helping to fix skin problems. Follow some easy steps to deodorize your Boxing gloves, first unwrap your gloves, and pour anti-bacterial Spray. Next, allow the Spray to soak into your gloves and place them in an open ventilated area to let them dry. 

Concluded Note

We have concluded for cleanliness, keep your Boxing gloves simply out in the air. Then, following small preventive measures, you can keep your gloves clean and odour-free. Moreover, use Hand Wraps to keep your hands moisture-free, which will eventually minimize the growth of bacteria and germs to avoid foul smells.

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