How to Choose the Right Size Boxing Gloves

Here we came with a Boxing Gloves Sizing guide to keep your hands protected and comfortable during training sessions. There are various styles, brands, and types, along with a wide range of sizes. For a beginner, choosing the right pair of boxing gloves is essential as it dissipates that shock and reduces the chance of injury. We aim to help you make your decision easier and get the knockout quality. One must understand what kind of gloves they want, keeping in mind style and demand according to your hand. Moreover, keep in mind that boxing gloves can throw punches by reducing superficial injuries. 

Types of Boxing Gloves 

There are several types of boxing gloves according to the purpose and activity demand. However, one must do research enough to get a specialized pair of gloves with good features. Each design has a unique quality based on various essentials. These different types of boxing gloves came in different sizes and served multiple purposes. 

Boxing Hand wraps:

Hand wraps stabilize the wrist area and protect them against injuries. Boxing gloves are worn over hand wraps, which are usually made up of cotton. Their manufacturing stuff is stretch feeling material with different styles and colors and is very popular among fighters. 

Boxing hand wraps

Training Gloves/All-Purpose:

There are multi-functional boxing glove for beginners who are new to the sport. These gloves come with sufficient padding and are not specific for any particular Combat game. This all-rounder option could be a great introductory glove light enough with intense support. 

Training Glove

Bag Gloves:

These gloves are designed for bag workouts like speed bags, heavy bags, and pad training. In addition, these gloves are designed with less padding, which allows the fingers to feel punch impact. Amid all these features, modern bag gloves come with ample padding designed to protect your hands and dissipate shock impact. 

While buying bag gloves, we recommend you focus on the quality of material along with the appropriate size and weight. If you are planning martial arts, go for flexible pair of gloves and check the size precisely before buying them. Affordability is also an important aspect, and never be a prey of a brand’s race; seek your comfort. Finally, if anyone is training to enter the ring, they must go for heavier gloves. The boxing glove must be comfortable enough and your hand snug in perfectly, apart from all these traits. They should fit the shape effortlessly and keep your hand, wrist, fingers, and thumb in place. 

Bag Gloves

Sparring Gloves:

Sparring gloves come with extra padding to reduce the risk of injury of the fighter and the opponent. Regardless they are heavier due to extra padding but give additional protection from any hurt or damage. 

Sparring Glove

Competition Boxing Glove:  

These gloves are designed according to the requirements for the competitive boxing ring. Typically, these gloves come with less padding and are suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Amateurs and Professionals distinguish them by weight and size division, even by styling. These gloves give a striking stroke to opponents, so they usually come with stricter requirements. 

Regardless of the types of boxing gloves, one must determine the right size and then choose it according to your needs. Boxing gloves come in a variety of weights, and you choose any pair of boxing gloves based on your weight and dominant hand size. 

How to Figure Out What Size Boxing Training Gloves You Wear

To check which boxing glove is best for you, in the very first place, you need measurements that include the weight and circumference of the dominant hand. To measure the circumference, one must need fabric tape to measure below the knuckles. For the most accurate measurement, the fabric tape must meet in the center of the palm of your dominant hand. If you do not have any fabric tape, use a string to measure.

Boxing Gloves Size Guide:

Typically, the type and size of boxing glove depend on body weight and purpose, whether any competition or skills improvement. Check the size guide given below per weight and circumference. 

Fighter’s Weight Hand Circumference Size
40-54 kg 5.5”-6.5” 8 oz.
54-68 kg 6.5”-7.5” 10 oz.
68-84 kg 7.5”-8.5” 12 oz.
84 plus kg 8.5”-9.5” 14 oz.

The best boxing gloves should have a comfortable fit, with snug and fingertips touching the top of gloves. It should not be tight enough, just easy to snug around and easy to make a fist. If anyone wants to do online shopping, check the size chart thoroughly to find the best fit size. Moreover, if you got stuck between two dimensions and want a tighter fit, select the smaller size. It depends on your choice that if you want a loose one, then choose a larger option. Before buying any right pair of gloves, make sure that they fit snugly on your hands without restricting blood flow. 

We will suggest you wear hand wraps before trying any pair of gloves to avoid the tightening situation. There should be no room over, and fingers must reach the top of the hand compartments. 

The Best Boxing Glove for Beginners

While choosing any pair of boxing gloves, brands are justifying value and quality. Therefore, we will suggest some boxing gloves that offer more protection and come with additional features. 

T20 Training Boxing Glove

Pro design for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Sparring, punch bag training, a multi-functional pair of gloves ensure durability and performance. It comes with great support and protection with superior comfort. Affordable with high quality and found in various sizes. 

T20 Boxing Glove

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do boxing gloves supposed to be tight enough?
Boxing gloves should be fit enough and snug ideally, but they must not restrict blood circulation. 

What manufacturing material of boxing gloves must any fighter opt for?
The most common manufacturing material for boxing gloves is vinyl and leather. Vinyl gloves are usually affordable, but durability is not compromised as both of the gloves come with high-density polyurethane padding and durable nylon stitching. However, if anyone is planning to train regularly, leather is the foremost choice. To know further about the benefits and features of different boxing gloves along their manufacturing material and specific properties click here.

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