How to care for Leather Boxing Gloves

Being a boxer, Starpro Leather Boxing Gloves are the essential boxing equipment that takes a beating like your heavy bag or opponent. As leather boxing gloves are imperative gear to box, it is vital to take care of them and maintain them. Boxing gloves protect you from injuries and hurt even during intense training sessions, so you too must take care of them save them from cracking. One must invest effort and time to deal with odor and bacteria by cleaning them properly. We will guide you with some accessible and relatively simple steps to prevent your boxing gloves from cracking. 

The process starts as you remove your Leather Boxing Gloves

Gloves begin as soon as you take them off, as if you pull them off roughly, you can damage seams or rip the leather. Always try that your gloves look presentable and elongate their lifespan with effective care by following the given steps. 

Clean the Exterior of your Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a contact sport, and the Exterior of your gloves has more contact with sweat or possibly blood, possibly in session or a competitive bout. We recommend you create a gentle cleaning solution of soap and water. Dip a clean cloth in the solution, wring it, and wipe out the entire external surface. Do not expose your leather gloves to only water, but the soap solution will help to kill bacteria and remove impurities. This soap solution will also help maintain natural PH levels to avoid unwanted cracking and stiffening. 

Furthermore, you can use a disinfecting wipe to clean your pair of gloves. However, we will not recommend you to use alcohol-based things as they can damage leather in the long run; after wiping the Exterior, use a dry cloth to remove moisture. You can follow the same cleaning method if you practice with a punching bag or air boxing. Ensure not to miss the inside thumb attachment area or wrist cuff while cleaning. 

Boxing glove Cleaning

Clean the interiors of your Boxing Gloves

While cleaning your gloves, this step should not be overlooked or usually mismanaged as your glove interiors are exposed to your sweat. So, make sure to kill the bacteria caused by your effort and dry the interior as soon as possible. Try to avoid bubbling that happens when harmful impurities get into the padding of your gloves and break down the structure of your padding. 

One can use a disinfectant spray to disinfect your gloves by directly spraying into the glove opening. You can make your spray by mixing vinegar and water cleaning solution and applying it to your glove’s interiors through a spray bottle. Moreover, natural airflow is restricted inside areas of your gloves, so we recommend inserting a dryer sheet or crunched newspaper to remove excess moisture. 

Clean the interior Boxing Glove

Heat Ruins your Boxing Gloves

Make sure to dry your leather boxing gloves without exposing them to extreme heat as leather could get stiff, and seam thread can deteriorate. Even if you want to dry the interior of your gloves through a hairdryer, it should be with a thoroughly relaxed air setting. While putting your gloves in the open air, ensure that your gloves should not be under extended direct sunlight exposure. 


To maintain the shine and softness of the leather, we must condition them carefully by applying an even thin layer of leather conditioner with a microfiber cloth on the external surface of your gloves. After applying the conditioner, leave your gloves for 3-5 minutes and use a clean microfiber cloth again to wipe off any excess conditioner. After this step, your gloves are clean and ready for storage. 



Ensure to store your leather boxing gloves in a cool and dry environment; it should be a clean place so that your gloves do not get into any potential bacterial forming that can damage your hands. To avoid unwanted smells, deodorize the glove before storing it. Moreover, undo gloves laces or Velcro for better air circulation, and there would be no unwanted odor. 

Storage of Boxing Gloves

Pro Tips about the care of your Pair of Gloves

  • Do not keep your gloves in a gym bag after use; air them out and use disinfectants to kill Bacteria formation.
  • Must use hand-wraps to minimize the exposure of your glove’s interior to your sweat.
  • Avoid soaking your gloves in water that can cause further damage rather than the cleaning process.
  • Keep an eye while using leather foods as they are traditional enough, and contemporary leather gloves do not need these foods.
  • Use an excellent glove deodorizer to get rid of stinky odor after intense Boxing training sessions.

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