How should boxing gloves fit around the wrist? 

Before packing a punch, one must focus on picking the right boxing gear in your bag. A pair of quality boxing gloves can give boxers protection and comfort during training sessions. Boxing gloves are available in various designs, padding, and sizes, but they perform best if adequately sized. Many factors make the perfect fit for gloves as there are multiple styles, from general trainers to professionals. 

A beginner is usually overwhelmed by the variety of products. But a quality glove can be distinguished by various parameters that include build material, padding, purpose, and closure system. Boxing gear works best if it is suited to the person who uses it. Gloves that fit correctly make you feel more comfortable, protected, and confident with improved performance. At the same time, the wrong size can be annoying, distracting, and potentially dangerous. Let’s look at how MMA gloves or boxing gloves are suppose to fit on your hands and which ones are right for you. 

Wrist Fit Matters: 

Choosing a pair of gloves is the most notable feature; always opt for a tight closure through the laces or Velcro around your wrist. 

Velcro Closure: 

Velcro closure is easy on and off and easy to wear without the help of any other person. However, such gloves are not for professional fights as, during intense boxing sessions, Velcro can loosen. 

Dual Wrist Strap Closure System:

Indeed, a unique closure system is used in gloves for ease and ensures a snug fit. Two Velcro straps are useing to fit the gloves on the hands for a tight fit. 

Gloves With Laces: 

Laced gloves are used for professional purposes as they fit perfectly and do not loosen up during intense drill sessions. Although the lace is closed, it needs help from a partner as the laces must be tied. Putting on lace gloves is not easy, but they will remain tight once secured. 

Signs that your gloves fit right 

Stay firm: 

Suppose the gloves stay where they are supposed to be during boxing training classes. It will clarify that your gloves are the right fit and wrist closures are fastened securely. 

Move your hand freely: 

An adequately fitted glove with snug space fastened securely, but still, there is some room to move and circulate your hand. 

Fingers touch the top: 

If your fingers are sitting against the top of your gloves, your hands are adequately supported without being cramped. 

Feel comfortable and supported:

If your gloves are snug fit, it would be easier to focus on boxing training. Properly fitted boxing gloves of the right size will make you feel supportive and comfortable and allow you to train well with confidence. 

Signs that your gloves fit wrong

Feel tight: 

You feel your gloves tight when you first put them on, and your hands might also swell. Swelling a bit is the natural result of exertion and sweating. If you feel snug at very first after putting them on, then there is an excellent chance to feel free during training afterward. 

Hands number when boxing: 

If your gloves are too tight, it interferes with your hands and wrist circulation. Even after wrapping your hands, if you feel tingling and numbness, it’s the wrong fit for you. 

Gloves slide of fall during practice: 

If the gloves are slipping off or shifting too much, or you feel the risk of falling off completely, there must be a problem with wrist closure. 

Too much space or fingers feel cramped: 

If your fingers cannot reach the top of the gloves, it is not the right fit for you. Similarly, if your fingers feel rushed or cramped, gloves are not suitable for you. 

Feeling not fit while training: 

The right pair of gloves is designing to support boxers during competition. If you are not feeling comfortable or distracted, it’s not the right pair for you. 

How to choose a suitable boxing gloves size?

When you choose the right size for a pair of gloves, you must know what you will be using these gloves. Follow the fighting rules if you select the pair of gloves specifically for competition. 


Amateur boxing gloves come in three various sizes: 

  • Fighters under the lighter welterweight class (141lb) use 10oz gloves.
  • Fighters with divisions welterweight (152lb) and super heavyweight (over201lb) use 12oz gloves.
  • Master division fighters typically use 16oz gloves.

Pro-fighting gloves are separate into two size categories: 

  • Welterweight fighters (147lb) and under usually wear 8-ounce gloves.
  • Super welterweight divisions (154 lb.) and up, wear 10-ounce gloves.

How to measure boxing gloves sizing? 

A proper fit is essential for boxing gear. Whether selecting boxing gloves or MMA gloves, one must measure oneself correctly to find the right size. 

Start by sitting on a flat surface, keep your dominant hand open and relax. Start measuring from the tip of the middle finger across your palm base where the middle finger meets the wrist. The measurement should be in inches and consider the rounds ups of nearest whole numbers. Use a ruler, tape, or a string to take proper hand measurements. For further details, check out the following sizes according to hand circumference. 

Hand Circumference (Inches) Glove Weight (Oz.)
5.5 6 Oz. 8 Oz.
6.5 10 Oz.
7.5 12 Oz.
8.5 14 Oz.
9.5 16 Oz.

Concluded Note: 

The gloves fit the wrist in various ways, and each type of wrist closure system comes with a different purpose. Choose the proper closure and right size from an overwhelming range of sizes. Research for the best quality in the market and figure out your weight and then your pair of gloves accordingly. Always choose what is best for you and your training goals. Check out StarPro Combat gear for premium quality boxing gloves, MMA gloves, and other boxing equipment. 

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