How much money do MMA Fighters Make?

MMA is globally famous and the fastest growing sport in this contemporary world, so the fighters’ pay has substantially risen. Although it’s a simple question of how much money MMA fighters make, the answer is quite tricky, as there are many earning factors instead of patent salaries. Typically, there is a paycheck structure for MMA fighters, but they can be paid for a guaranteed amount and a win bonus. 

How much do MMA fighters earn from fights?

Usually, fighters earn money through paychecks. MMA fighters sign a contract of any particular amount before getting into a fight. Making money for any MMA fighter is different from winning and opposing and depends on where they are in card on UFC. MMA fighters usually make money after getting a particular ranking, as popularity helps to earn more. Only a few MMA fighters get acknowledgment and success, but indeed that needs it needs an amount of hard work. We will break down the amount here for UFC 263’s.

MMA Fighetr

The Average fighter Main Card $220,300
The Average fighter Prelim Card $85,000
The Average fighter Early Prelim Card $35,000

MMA Fighters and Social Networks

In today’s world, many famous fighters have an extraordinary number of followers on social media platforms. Such popularity makes them a perfect choice for advertising products and potential sponsors. Generally, MMA fighters do not just rely on regular paychecks, and they always try to generate other sources of income. Moreover, they made endorsements with companies to promote their products. Therefore, various companies need promotion through social media networks, and in return, MMA fighters get paychecks. 

MMA fighter and Social Network

Win Bonus

Along with the guaranteed payouts, the fighters will receive bonuses for winning fights. Fight-winning compensation is almost double the insured amount. We must mention here that UFC fighters don’t get that double amount bonus; it is only for the lowest and middle-tier.

Pay Per View Bonuses 

PPV events are event feature fights between famous fighters and Championship fights. This PPV is among UFC’s huge events, and viewers have to pay $65 as an additional amount. Such most significant events feature the best contests at UFC to generate a tremendous amount of money. Usually, famous fighters make the contract and receive a percentage on all pay per view. Although these bonuses are undisclosed, indeed it is a handsome percentage. 

Sponsorships deals

MMA fighters make partnership deals with martial art gear companies and advertise during their fights. Many lucrative sponsorships deals enable MMA fighters to make money and are even much better than their payouts. Some of the fighters have sponsorship deals even with supplements brands. 

The Reebok Deal

There are some famous deals for UFC fighters are the Reebok deal. While Reebok pays the fighters on the basis of their number of fights, it is a promotion for their logo. We will provide you with some of details here under the Reebok deal:

  • 1 to 5 fights: $2,500
  • 6 to 10 fights: $5,000
  • 11 to 15 fights: $10,000
  • 16 to 20 fights: $15,000
  • 21 and more fights: $20,000
  • Challengers: $30,000
  • Champions: $40,000

The Venum Deal

There is a new exclusive gear agreement with MMA brand Venum under the UFC banner. We will provide you details of the UFC and Venum deal, and a breakdown of the amount is given below:

  • 1 and 3 fights: $4,000
  • 4 to 5 fights: $4,500
  • 6 to 11 fights: $6,000
  • 11 to 15 fights: $11,000
  • 16 to 20 fights: $16,000
  • 21 or more fights: $21,000
  • Challenging: $32,000
  • Champions: $42,000

Money breakup is for the per fight.

Other ways of making money

Many MMA fighters, besides this, are running great businesses. They have launched a lot of businesses alongside fighting to be financially stable. Whatever MMA fighters earn is based on their fighting style, popularity, and how much they fight. All these things impact their business a lot as more popularity gives their business a boost. Some MMA fighters do partnerships with different businesses like martial art gear companies. They usually cash their popularity and put their business products in front of millions of fans’ eyes for promotion.

Performance of the night

There are fantastic bonuses for highlight-reel performances as UFC assures that participants perform their best. The night fight is quite interesting, and each fighter receives a $50,000 bonus; for the best performer, there are again $50,000. 


Average UFC salary

If we roughly estimate, the average UFC salary for an MMA fighter in 2019 was $146,673, and for 2020 it is $147,965. MMA fighters make money outside of the UFC. MMA fighters get promotions under the UFC banner; in fact, they earn more. Besides that, there are other promotions where MMA fighters can make a significant amount of money.

Bellator: The best fighters can earn from $100,000 up to $300,000. 

ONE Championship: Biggest stars here can earn $50,000 for each fight, and they win and get another $50,000.

PFL: Professional Fighter League (PFL) scheduled a “$1 million tournament” in every six fights that were included, and each winner received $1,000,000. 

Money Amateur (Beginners) MMA fighters make

Generally, Amateur fighters are not paid for their fights as they compete being unpaid. Therefore, although their expense is borne, there are no additional payouts for contests.

Best MMA Boxing Gear

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MMA Boxing Gear

Concluded Note:

Salary is just a base of any player; besides that, many other things will affect the overall net worth of the player. Base salary is a specific amount for participation, and players will get it whether they win or lose. But the addition of win bonuses, sponsorships, endorsements, and additional promotions will help make money. However, the rewards and additional money are for an extraordinary player. Nevertheless, fighters cash their popularity by introducing different personal brands or investing money in already running businesses. 

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