How many points is a knockdown in Boxing: Boxing Matches Scores 

Boxing has become a huge public event, as some of the biggest fights come with millions on pay per view. Professional Boxing is quite spectacular dramatic and comes with brutal knockouts. People usually prefer an organized bout in which battle is ended through a knockdown in Boxing, and if the no clear winner, the Decision is on the judges. A fighter usually lands a finishing shot or combo on their opponent, so they need to stop and cannot continue, regardless of decided rounds. 

Boxing is pretty complex as we score Boxing fights on a ten-point must system, based on how dominant one fighter was in a particular round. We will guide you on how judges decide any fight if both fighters are still standing when the match is over. The bout can also go 10-10 in the end, but it is very uncommon. Here we will try to make you understand how the scoring system in Boxing will work and develop. 

 Various ways of ending Boxing Fight

Boxing has its specific scoring system, and it is essential to discuss and analyze this system. A fight can end in the following possible ways: 

  • Knockdown in Boxing
  • Disqualification
  • Judge’s Decision

If we talk about Knockdown in Boxing, the winner is the last standing fighter, and the opponent cannot continue fighting. It could be regular and technical, and a double knockout is also there. If the first two scenarios do not happen, a decision is made with the judge’s points they gave to fighters during the fight. 

 Boxing Scoring System

The Boxing Scoring System is famous as the “10-Point Must System”, in which judges score each round on a 10-point scale. And a fighter with more scores winning the match. 

Moreover, he loses a point if the fighter knockdown or hurt enough that he cannot stand again. A dominant fighter landing better punches, he can dominate the round. But if both fighters knockdown in the same game, the deduction cancel each other round. Judges can also award a 10-10 contest, but if the match is entirely even, no loophole is left. 

Boxing Scoring System

 Role of Judges in a Boxing Fight

Three judges watch the fight who are approved by the same body that licences the bout. The three judges system is mandatory for championship fights and the newly-turned professional in a four-round row. One person judges such contests and for that bout appoints referee. 

The referee can instruct all three judges to deduct a point if the fighter has done something to break the rules. A referee can decide that fighter has committed accidental fouls and subtract one point for the repeated offence.  

Role of Judges in a Boxing Fight

Types of results in Boxing 

The judges would determine the winner via round-by-round scorecards if any fighter won via knockout after the specific round’s bout. Each game is worth 10 points, which means any boxer can score 100 in a 10-round fight. We will guide you about the various results of the Scoring System in Boxing. 

Unanimous Decision in which three judges have the same fighter with the highest scores on their scoreboards. 

Split Decision in which two judges have one fighter ahead and one judge is with the other fighter, with two scoreboards. 

Moreover, a majority Decision in Boxing is where two judges with one fighter ahead, while a third judge scored it as a draw. The winning fighter is with the majority of scorecards. 

Draw: If a judge has one boxer ahead and the other has a second boxer ahead, the third judge scores it as a draw. Eventually, the overall result is a draw, and there is also a majority draw if the two of three judges had fought over Decision. 

 What Judges Look for while taking Decision: 

There is not much ambiguity to select the winner of the Boxing round and understand why certain fighters won those closer rounds. Boxing Judges might look for effective aggression while throwing a ton of punches. 

The other most crucial skill to learn is proper defence, using various techniques while Boxing Gloves on and keeping the endurance high. 

Any fighter who plays with style is well-verse in the ins and outs of Boxing and expert enough to identify the ring general in any bout. 

Hard and clean punches matter a lot in any boxing match, like how a boxer is landing punches and nailing the opponent. 

 A Concluded Note: 

Boxing has a complex scoring system, but boxers are scored on a point system from 0-10, and if the fighter achieves ten, he will win, and if he reaches 9, he will lose. The points depend on the knockdown in Boxing. All three judges determine each player’s points; all of the points add up as bout ends. After knowing the facts, they declare the winner, and all these points are based on various aspects. To avoid any injury for a smooth bout, always go for premium quality Boxing Gloves along with other boxing equipment. 

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