How Judges Score Boxing Matches

Boxing is an incredible sport as Boxing matches become huge public events. Boxing scoring can be confusing for a few but contentious for many. Professional boxing is spectacular, dramatic and brutal knockouts and the system usually works extremely well. It is quite tricky to understand what exactly is happening inside the ring. As a fighter lands a finishing shot or combo on their opponent and cannot continue, the match comes to an immediate stop regardless of when it was supposed to last. Although it is quite complicated, we will guide you on the scoring system, so let’s break it down in some simple terms. Moreover, we will get into how the boxing point system works. 

  1. The scoring system was carried out by three ringside judges along.
  2. A ’10 must system’ in which a winner is awarding 10 points while the loser usually will receive nine. Moreover, the rounds are viewed as equal scores is 10-10.
  3. Typically, judges give the referee the scorecards and then pass them to a ringside official at the end of the round.
  4. After finishing the 12-round fight, the tallies of all the three judges are adding up and determining the ‘Final Score’.
  5. However, if the fighter wins any round, he will receive ten scores for that round, and if he loses, he will receive nine scores for that round.
  6. If all three judges favour one fighter, he will win Unanimously.
  7. If two judges favour one fighter and one judge scores for the other fighter, it would be a split decision but a win for the first fighter.
  8. In the same way, if two judges score in favour of one fighter and one judge scores draw, then it is a Majority decision to win for the first fighter.
  9. All of the judges score a draw, then eventually it would be drawn by Unanimous decision.
  10. If two judges score a draw and one judge scores for any boxer, it is a Majority draw.
  11. If one judge scores for one fighter, the other judge for the opponent and one judge deems it a draw, then it is a split decision draw.
  12. Usually, the score outcome is 10-9, but if one fighter knocks down the opponent, the round score is 10-8 to the first fighter. Same as the second knockdown is achieving 10-7.
  13. A three knockdown rule means that a fighter will be declared knocked out if he is knocked down for a third time in around. However, we must mention that it is not accepting by global commissions like WBC, IBF, WBA, and WBO.
  14. If any fighter is convicted for rule-breaking. There will be one or two points deduction in each round by the referee, but there would be a warning first.
  15. We must be aware that some fights in Britain are scored solely by the referee.
  16. Scores are determined based on a fighter’s performance in each round, determining the scoring.

What do Judges exactly Look for during Boxing Matches?

There is no ambiguity when it comes to knowing about the boxing round’s winner. Judges can figure it out by watching and spotting throughout the competition: 

Effective Aggression: 

You can notice that a fighter throws tons of punches and are extremely aggressive in their approach. But if the energies are not backing the opponent into a corner, it will not win them the round. Here, the term ‘Effective’ is used to determine whether any fighter can be accurate and precise in their approach. So, it is not about throwing several punches but their number that land. 

Effective Aggression Boxing match


An overlooked aspect of boxing but equally important to playing offence as proper defence is one of the most important skills to learn. So, the boxer should effectively avoid hitting by punches. 


Ring Generalship: 

In every boxing match, an opponent seems to control the action, playstyle, tone of the spar as we know that it depends on a fighter who makes the other person fight. 

If anyone is not well-versed in the ins and outs of boxing. Practice makes them identify the ring general in any Boxing match. 

Ring Generalship Boxing Match

Hard and Clean Punches:

Judges usually notice which boxer is landing punches or nailing their opponent properly, but this is quite complex to determine. A clean blow lands on an opponent without blocks. 

Sometimes when a punch makes a loud noise, we feel that it is in contact. But actually, it is just a hit of a glove or barely any touch, which is not a clean punch. 

Hard and Clean Punches Boxing matches

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