Is Headbutt Allowed In Boxing?

A headbutt is a strike with the head that can damage your opponent, so it is not legal in boxing. An intentional attack with authority involves using substantial parts of the head as the foundation of impact. It could be devastating compared to a punch cushioned by boxing gloves.   

The human head is hard and sharp, whereas the padded area of boxing gloves is cushioned and soft enough to land any hit. That’s why the potential impact of a headbutt is much more significant than a punch. Effective headbutts target the most sensitive parts of the opponent by using the frontal bone in the forehead or the parietal bone at the back of the skull. Boxing is very challenging and challenging as well, so one must wear protective boxing gear during practice to ensure protection.   

  What is forbidden in boxing?    

Standard boxing rules do not allow boxers to hit below the belt, hold, trip, kick, push, bite, spit or headbutt opponents. In addition, you cannot strike with your head, forearm, or elbow. And you cannot hit with an open glove, wrist, or backhand, and you can use only closed fist punches.   

  Headbutting a punch  

Headbutts strike the opponent’s nose, but the fighter can use them to counter the opponent’s punch. However, headbutting is an illegal attack in any form of martial arts, but no doubt it is an effective technique. To perform a proper headbutt, one must tuck the chin as they headbutt so you can protect your neck from the punch.   

Most professional boxers use a headbutt to blow off their opponent, but they trick it into unintentionally landing. At the same time, headbutting a punch is quite acceptable in boxing.   

  Headbutt as a defensive technique  

When the opponent throws a punch for offense, the fighter will headbutt the punch to defend against it. Headbutt is quite effective if used against bare knuckles or without protective boxing gear; it will significantly affect the opponent’s hands. So, the headbutting technique is more effective in bare-knuckle boxing.   

  Legal ways of headbutting in boxing  

Although striking with the head is not allowed in boxing, one can use it tactfully and gain an advantage. You can lean your head against your opponent during fighting situations to control it. One can gain leverage from your head position by manipulating the opponent and creating an opening for your attack.   

While headbutting, one must use the top of your head as using the forehead can cause a lot of pain—a well-timed shift of the head in any direction can provide you space to land a solid shot. Moreover, the opponent can move his hand out rather than punch a headbutt. The head is an ideal place to receive punches as the head has an intricate structure to protect your brain.   

Be very careful while employing this technique, be close enough to your opponent and start to use your head this way. Do not complicate things in a rush. Blocking a punch with a headbutt is better than taking it on the nose as there are tiny and sensitive bones, which could be excruciating.   

Headbutting punches can give instilling effects, especially when the backup is a brutal full-body punch and the most effective headbutts are from the top of the head. When you feel the opponent’s head is inevitable, move your head towards the punch; meanwhile, double your opponent in the chest.   

In sparring, many fighters use headbutting techniques on that sparring partner who is quick but does not hit punches very hard.    

  Consequences of headbutting in boxing   

During headbutting in a boxing ring, it is essential to make sure it looks unintentional, but still, the fighter can be penalized. Headbutting can have severe implications as the recipient can take significant damage, whereas the fighter who throws it must also answer for his actions.   

The most common outcome for headbutting is a point deduction, but the fighter can be disqualified if there are multiple offenses during a fight. And a fight ending with a headbutt will go for a technical decision, as the judges will hand over their scoreboards, and fighters with ahead points at the moment will win. A technical draw will be declared if the fight does not go beyond the fourth round or half of its scheduled duration.   

  Approved headbutting techniques  

  • Gain some control over your opponent’s head through the grip on their ears.   
  • Pull back your opponent’s head firmly and immediately.   
  • Bend your neck will present the top of your head directly to the face of your opponent.   
  • Repeat the step to ensure your win.   

  A Concluded Note:   

Although headbutting is not legal in boxing, as the skull is hard as a rock, it can be devastating and more dangerous as there is no protective boxing gear. Headbutts are lethal and vital enough that even very light ones open up cuts. Headbutting can be very helpful and practical and could be okay if you are careful in using it because one wrong move can cause a severe injury. Click here to get premium quality boxing protective gear and boxing shin guard.   

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