HANEY VS KAMBOSOS II: Undefeated record of 28 – 0 – 0

The rematch between American fighter Devin Haney, ESPN’s top fighter under 25 to watch, and Australian boxer George Kombosos Jr, will take place in the latter’s home country this Sunday. The two will fight their second consecutive fight on the 16th of October at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. The first match ended in defeat for Kombosos Jr, who is using his rematch clause for a second chance at the title of Undisputed Lightweight Champion.

Who is George Kambosos Jr.?

 Greek-Australian boxer George Kambosos Jr. was the unified world lightweight champion, meaning he held all four lightweight belts for the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, and The Ring from 2021 to June 2022. He is currently regarded as the best lightweight boxer in the world by The Ring as well as the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board.

Manny Pacquiao designated Kambosos as his primary partner for sparring training in 2017, in order for the former to prepare for his bout with Jeff Horn. Pacquiao has continued to use Kambosos as his primary sparring partner after the fight as well.  Kambosos followed this up with a run of victories over formidable opponents, solidifying his reputation as a fighter to keep an eye on. Teófimo López, the unbeaten undisputed lightweight champion, was mandated by the International Boxing Federation to face Kambosos, their top competitor, in 2021 in order to defend his belts. Kambosos emerged as the new undisputed lightweight world champion after winning the match by a split decision.

Who is Devin Haney?

 Devin Miles Haney, an American professional boxer, has held the WBC lightweight world championship since 2019, and the  IBF, WBA WBO, and the Ring championships as of June 2022. Thus, he is now the undisputed world lightweight champion. The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board considers him to be the current top lightweight in the world. After Vasiliy Lomachenko, the former WBC lightweight champion was upgraded to the category of Franchise Champion by the World Boxing Council in 2019, Haney became the sport’s youngest-ever world champion.

Haney defeated Alfredo Santiago in his first championship defence by a unanimous decision. 2020 saw the announcement that Haney would face the former unified featherweight champion Yuriorkis Gamboa in his second defence of the WBC crown. Haney prevailed through unanimous decision in a resounding victory. In 2021, Haney’s biggest challenge came from former world champion Jorge Linares. Once more, the vote was unanimous in his favour. This was not an easy fight, as Linares hit him hard with a strong combination, injuring him. It was only through a strong defense that Haney emerged victorious. Haney faced competition for his world championship from Joseph Diaz, but Diaz was once more beaten by Haney by unanimous decision. Following this match, Haney declared his intention to challenge George Kambosos Jr. for the lightweight division’s four main world titles, hoping to come out as the undefeated champion.

 Haney vs. Kambosos 1: What Happened?

 At Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, on 5th June 2022, Kambosos Jr. and Devin Haney squared off, in a fight to become the first undisputed lightweight champion in the four-belt era. This was the first face-off for the two, both of whom had unblemished records at the time with 0 losses.

Kambosos was beaten by Haney through a unanimous decision, with two of the judges awarding Haney scores of 116-112 and 118-110. This made Haney the new undisputed champion. However, Kambosos Jr.’s contract includes a rematch clause, which the Australian is now using for their second fight in hopes of winning back his titles.

Haney vs. Kambosos Jr. 2: Predictions

 The predictions for this match vary wildly, with some strongly taking Haney vs Kambosos side, and others seeing nothing but victory for Haney.

  • Pro Haney

Kambosos Jr.’s strategy is based on benefiting from his opponents’ overextensions. However, the length of  Haney’s wingspan as well as his skill means he doesn’t really need to do that, which puts Kambosos in a tough spot. The first fight did not see Haney having to try very hard for the title because of Kambosos’ cautious style and lack of taking risks. Now that Haney has actually faced him, he has an even clearer understanding of what to do again to make sure he remains undefeated. Haney also has a great grasp of defense moves and technique, which have worked in his favour each time.

  • Pro Kambosos Jr.

Kambosos throws a mean right, which is what he showed off in his famed match against the legendary Teofimo Lopez. Haney’s biggest challenge came in the form of Jorge Linares, who threw a right combination straight into Haney’s jaw. If Kambosos can use what many call Haney’s ‘weak jaw’ against him, as he has shown he can, this could be what takes him to victory.

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