Fighting style of Floyd Mayweather Jr. And Joe Frazier

It matters less how strong and fast you are, in fact, boxing styles make the fights. Styles and techniques are way important and effective and one must practice well with boxing training gloves to learn well.

Floyd Mayweather boxing style

One particular style is so effective that runs in a family lineage of world champion boxers that made Mayweather style enigmatic and hard to penetrate. However, Mayweather induced his unique version while making certain modifications. He had an unbreakable style that made him onto the top of his opponent’s game plans. As he fought 50 times and triumphed in all the fights.

We will let you know the basics of both offense and defense techniques of Mayweather style, but it is not good for beginners as it carries high risk. If his techniques are used correctly, it becomes one of the most effective techniques and unusual boxing styles that any fighter can employ in the ring.

Centerline theory

Mayweather’s traditional boxing stance is wide, which offers a good position while transitioning between offense and defense. His style is much narrower and capitalizes on the centerline theory that provides elusive movement opportunities. Boxing depends much on how any fighter controls the centerline, which is an imaginary line that extends from the front of the opponent’s head to yours, and this is the place where all strikes typically attack.

Mayweather was famous for manipulating the centerline by cutting off extreme angles while concealing his chest from his opponent. During this more weight shifted towards the right foot with more fluid head movements and reduces the contact points that will make it easier to defend against attacks. It will also allow any boxer to roll their upper body easily, and Mayweather gives way to infamous shoulder roll techniques.

Defensive stance

Mayweather has a defensive stance with lead shoulder partially blocking the chin, which is neatly tucked and concealed. The rest of the lead biceps and forearms protect the body and off-hand protects the other side of the head and elbows guard the other side of the body.

Holding a defensive position will allow optimal parrying with both arms while countering opportunities, along with head movement techniques including bobbing and weaving, pulling, and leaning. Use of a combination of footwork and upper torso movement that offers fire sharp counters and offers opponents various angles. Focusing on reflexes and timings is the fundamental style of boxing.

The shoulder rolls

Mayweather profoundly uses his ability to use his large, broad shoulders for defense while limiting the contact points and using superior movement to evade attacks. The shoulder roll is the focal point of Mayweather’s defensive style of fighting. His shoulders offer an extra tool to pick off his opponent’s attacks. He is a master of rolling while turning his shoulders inward to parry and then make a counter from the opposite direction.


Mayweather’s focus was training to develop superior mobility while moving freely and fluidly, to successfully block and parry. It involves a variety of drills to enhance the ability to anticipate punches and execute the correct movement response.

Joe Frazier Boxing techniques

Joe Frazier was indeed a great fighter in the fight world, a talented and well-rounded fighter who had famous fights with Ali and George Foreman. His fighting style was so unique by being in his opponent’s chest, wearing them down with stifling pressure and punches from every angle.

Head movement

Frazier preferred to bob and weave constantly while keeping his head in motion. Head slipping allowed him to punch with unpredictability as it was quite difficult for opponents to predict when he would come up with a punch or if it is just a slip.

Backing opponents up

Frazier used to back his punches up without even throwing any punch, by leaving the option for opponents to simply back up. He knew well that throwing a jab with intention will cause more harm. Moreover, he was an expert in slipping punches and knows well how to avoid jabs and throw his furious hooks.

Crab, Parry, and forearm sliding

Nobody could catch Frazier with uppercuts due to his crab guard while holding guard more horizontal than normal and making the punches slide off by shifting the punches upwards or even below. Frazier uses parry as well to get inside and deflects jabs to walk down his opponents while preventing unnecessary shots.

Left Hook

Due to constant bobbing and weaving up and down no one can predict his left hook. No one knows when he will explode up while moving his head up and down, rarely missed his left hook. He usually thrashes his left hand up and down frequently so that he develops a better jab while landing hook frequently making it impossible for opponents to catch the punch.

He usually throws his left hook a number of times hitting repeatedly the same place or targeting different areas of the body and head.

Right hand

In the latter era of his career, he started throwing his right hand more frequently than before. Opponents expect left hook, and he comes with unexpected right hands as he started countering jabs with an overhand right.

Combat combinations

Frazier was most dangerous on the inside, as he takes advantage of his smaller height and arms. He has the ability to mix up punches on the inside while putting his full weight into the punch. Not just head, he used to target body and throws from a variety of angles.

Forearm use

When inside, the forearm made good use of his forearm to help by lifting the horizontal forearm and pushing against his opponent while stopping them from punching back.

Head fighting

Frazier knows the positioning of the head is crucial in matters of balance that frustrate his opponents and made it impossible for them to throw punches.


With enough practice in Mayweather style, one can get the confidence that makes him able to handle any opponent’s offense. The fundamental science of his particular style was the ability to control the ring through his unique manner of tackling his opponents. so practice well with boxing training gloves, while working on footwork as it will enhance the ability to hold position and use shoulder roll.

On the other hand, Frazier has the ability to constantly mix attacks with his defensive style. Among all pressure fighters, he did not get enough appreciation for his skills.

To learn the unpredictable style of Joe Frazier, one must practice well with StarPro boxing training gloves that last the intense training sessions.

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