Famous boxing combos    

Any boxer must master boxing combos to an extent where you can perform them going forwards, backward, sideways, and even with closed eyes. Regardless of the technical or strategic aspect of boxing, everybody likes interesting combinations and knockouts. Boxing combinations are ideal to set up shots to land one punch to wear out your opponent.    

In an actual boxing match, you are going nowhere throwing single punches as they are very predictable, and the opponent will telegraph your offense. So, it is the most suitable way to mix up combinations and throw multiple shots that could be effective. By learning boxing combinations in punching, your offense will undoubtedly diversify. Practice well with boxing gloves to be pro in punch combinations; shadowboxing is also a great and convenient way to practice.    

   Boxing Combos   

Work on your punching combinations and cover all possible techniques smoothly and efficiently. A simple rule of learning boxing combinations is to start with jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts, then move on to slips and rolls.    


Jab-cross is the most effective and essential combination in boxing from long to mid-range. Jab-crosses are bodyweight boxing moves with good breathing techniques and allow you to progress when you change speed and power.    

The simple jab-cross one can use when you are on the outside, and your opponent is coming forward. Jab is the primary weapon as it sets up the cross in various ways.    

One can throw both the jab and the cross to the body for different combinations:   

  • Jab to the head, cross to the head   
  • Jab the head, cross on the body   
  • Jab to the body, cross to the head   
  • Both the jab and the cross land on the body   

   Jab, Jab, Cross   

This combination is one of the simplest yet deadly combos and the most versatile. It is to trick your opponent as he must be expecting simply to jab cross combo. However, the second jab has an excellent chance to surprise your opponent if he is waiting for your right cross to throw a counter.    

There are several ways to throw these simple punches:    

  • Throw two quick jabs and finish with a cross   
  • A jab follows up separately with a jab-cross   
  • Touch the opponent with jabs for distraction and end with a mighty right hand   

   Jab, Cross, Lead Hook   

A classic jab-cross combination is a strong lead hook. At the same time, the lead hook is arguably the most potent punch in boxing. It is a compact punch that packs all the power generated from your base while affecting the full impact of your weight and momentum. The main punch in this combination is the lead hook, as it often catches people off, guard. However, make sure you are in range to land the hook.    

The jab is the setup, whereas the cross is thrown without much power as a distraction. Do not keep your head in the middle, leaning slightly outside your lead foot to avoid any incoming punches and get the position.    

One can aim it high at his jaw or low at his body, and the left hook is equally dangerous regardless of cross landing. After breaking through the opponent’s guard, the lead hook is the perfect strike to complete the combination.    

   Jab (Body) Cross (Head)  

The fighter must throw the jab quickly without much power. Mixing up your offense between head and body attacks is the best way to confuse your opponent and catch him off-guard. The classic 1-2 combination is modified instead of throwing the jab to the head. Bend your knees slightly, lean over, and step in with the jab, aiming just above the belly button. The jab brings distraction to bring your opponent’s eyes downwards, and the opponent will have no idea of digging into the body or going upstairs.    

   Cross, Left Hook, Cross   

It is a boxing combination for beginners, where nothing surprising or inventive comes from us here. It is the old, well-known knockout combos still effectively used by many punchers. This combo is to throw three strong punches successively coming from different angles.    

One can start with a stiff, potent cross, while body positioning after the cross allows you to throw a strong left hook and finish with a cross.    

   Why do we need combinations in boxing?    

A combination of punches in boxing is how to last punches smoothly and efficiently in a row. One must master the basic combinations while practicing with premium quality boxing gloves. Consider the following points regarding boxing combos:    

  • Combinations confuse your opponent, so use them whenever possible; it will increase the chances of your victory.    
  • While landing combinations, punches to the body can set up headshots, and body shots can set up head blows.    
  • Keep a good balance while using combinations to keep the sequence; the movements should be natural and synchronized.    
  • Among all, finishing a combination with a lead arm punch is ideal, and it will stop your opponent from following up on your attacks and alert you.    
  • Strike with a mix of straight punches and hooks, as the opponent will be confused if you use angels. As you punch straight, your opponent will narrow his guard, allowing you to hook him.    

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