Do I need to wrap my hands for heavy bag?

Hitting punching bags is essential for both types of training whether Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts. And wearing hand wraps is essential to keep your knuckles, wrists, and fragile part of your hands safe. Make it your practice, every time your box is in a ring or for training, you must wear hand wraps to protect them. 

Primarily, hand wraps are there to ensure the protection of the fighter’s hands, which are the most important thing. Human hands are made up of many fragile bones and ligaments that could be badly affected by repeated punches on a boxing punching bag. 

Hand wraps are a vital part of your boxing gear to protect your hands and wrists from injury. As they help you to secure all of your movable bones and loose joints. The hand wraps tighten all your joints together, to dissipate the impact of shock and distribute it across the entire hand. 

Why is wrapping your hand essential while hitting punching bags 

Even if you have the high-quality softest boxing gloves or cheap boxing gloves, it is always wise to throw on some hand wraps. The wraps perform as a barrier between your hands and gloves. Hands are delicate enough to get injured while training on boxing punching bags or boxing against an opponent. To protect small bones, protect knuckles from hurt, and prevent wrist sprains. 

Usually, beginners think that wrapping hands will protect the knuckles and extra cushion. But wrapping has something more important to deal with. A great way to protect your movable bones and loose joints and avoid injury during powerful bag hits.  

Hand wraps hold all the small joints and moveable bones altogether and give them proper support. It will keep your hands as a whole and due to fastened joints shock is spread across the hand. If your hands are loose while throwing a punch, the delicate joints can collapse or break. Nonetheless, wraps will not only absorb shock but keep hands safe from bruising and callused. There are hundreds of talented boxers out there with finished careers because of severe hand injuries. Therefore, for maximum support and protection throw wraps on your hands correctly. 

Boxing gloves and hand wraps are most recommended when hitting punching bags and sparring. Even cheap boxing gloves are for cushioning the impact while wraps keep the joints and bones together.  

Hand Wraps types 

There are two types of hand wraps; training and professional hand wrap. 

Training hand wraps come with a few different options. Like some come with a bit of stretch, which means they fit the hand tighter and form the shape of the hand. On the other hand, some of the hand wraps are non-stretched and made up of thicker material. The fitting of the wraps is slightly different but there is no risk of tightening. 

Professional hand wraps are quite common, one can see them during fights and high-profile fighters during training sessions. Such wraps usually consist of layers of tape and thin gauze. 

 What are boxing punching bag hand wraps?

The first thing one must keep in mind while choosing hand wraps is length. For the people with big hands, the length of the wraps should be 180 inches to cover the complete hand. On the other hand, if you have smaller hands, 120 inches wraps will work well to ensure protection. 

The next important feature is material. Generally, a standard wrap is semi-elastic and provides comfort, safety, and durability. We will not recommend hand wraps gloves as they do not have that productive usage. As they do not provide firm support and protection is not effective. 

Look out for hand wraps made up of cotton as it is breathable. As it dries quickly, it prevents sweat and odor accumulation. Moreover, cotton fabric is washable and very comfortable against your skin along with good compression.  

Before purchasing hand wraps, make sure they should be comfortable for you. These should not be too tight or too loose for you but it depends on your choice. However, if you are planning to land some powerful punches on punching bags, make it a bit tighter for extra protection. In addition, for practicing on a heavy punching bag add more cover to the wrists. Although if the wrists are thickly protected, it is difficult to throw uppercuts and crosses with power. 

How to Wrap hands properly?

There are various ways to wrap your hands, depending on your comfort. However, standard hand wrapping is given below: 

  • Use your dominant hand to pick up your boxing hand wrap material.
  • Spread fingers fully and place the thumb on the hand wrap, looping the material around to secure it in place.
  • Take the cloth and wrap it around the wrist until you feel the tightness that is expected after three wraps. But make sure that it should not restrict your blood circulation.
  • Repeat the wrap of the thumb, followed by the wrist, and wrap three more times until you get some sense of being secure.
  • Then wrap your knuckles from right to left, tightly across the palm three times. But comfort should not be overlooked and fingers still spread apart.
  • Bring the wrap back around your wrist and then loop it around.
  • Next, bring the wrap between your middle and ring finger and wrap across the palm and bring it back over the top of your thumb.
  • Wrap around your knuckles once more and bring around your wrist for a final loop.
  • In the end, secure fastening, opt for Velcro.

 Concluded Note:

Hand wraps will support your wrists and keep the fingers tight to give a complete whole for a perfect punch. In addition, it will help to keep up with your punching techniques along with the provision of additional impact protection. 

The majority of hardcore fighters will always wrap their hands even during training sessions over punching bags. For the exciting world of boxing, try to figure out a place for the best Boxing gear that ensures protection. Check out StarPro Combat for premium quality boxing gear including punching bags, cheap boxing gloves, inner boxing gloves, and so on. 

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