Cyber Monday Deals Save Up to 35%

With Thanksgiving around the corner followed by Black Friday, we’ve got bundles of deals awaiting you on our website, The sales don’t end after Black Friday either, Starpro’s got another sale for you this Cyber Monday! Take advantage and bag yourself the best boxing gear with savings of up to 35%!

You may just be taking up boxing as either a new training routine, seeking to take up the sweet science professionally or already an accomplished fighter looking to upgrade your boxing gloves, mitts, headgear etc. or buying it for the first time. In either case, who doesn’t like a deal? Save up to 35% on Cyber Monday and get your gear sorted.

Here’s what’s on offer:

Have you got a child that has a knack for competitive sports? You’re a boxer who want’s their children to take up the sport for all that it has to offer? Then you’re probably on the hunt for some boxing gloves and mitts for them, we’ve got just the thing! Starpro’s Junior Pro Boxing Gloves & C20 Focus Mitt bundle is the perfect gear for your child to start their journey. Put on those coaching mitts and be a part of their training.

We’ve got more on offer for the kids with the Starpro T20 Kids Boxing Gloves & Focus Mitt bundle this fall! Available in 6 stunning colors with a matching focus mitt to make training not only effective but fun!

Perhaps boxing isn’t your forte and you’re into the world of mixed martial arts, you’re a big fan of the UFC and have been waiting on Cyber Monday to roll by so you can get yourself the MMA gear you need on sale, well have we got a treat for you! Starpro’s MMA bundle comprises of a pair of F55 MMA gloves and the S90 shin in step guard, the ideal kit to get you into battle armor!

You’re a pro, you basically live in the boxing gym and you’re more old school than the others. You need a pair of genuine leather gloves, with Starpro’s Premier Boxing Gloves & Focus Mitt bundle you get the ideal mix of stability and power for those intense sparring sessions in the gym and a matching coaching mitt for your partner to put on so you can train those punches and movement before you get into the ring.

The M33 Boxing Gloves are now available in all new colors! Besides the OG viper green, black/gold, black/orange and black/grey. Power meets style with these gloves. If you’ve been admiring these exquisite gloves for a while and want them on the cheap, now’s your chance! Now’s your opportunity to shine! Take advantage of Starpro’s Cyber Monday discounts of up to 35% off and upgrade your boxing gear! We’ve paired these gloves with the M33 focus pads so you can get the matching set for your training sessions.

There’s plenty more that’s on offer, check our bundles of gloves, boxing bags, protective gear and a whole lot more! It’s the season of sales and we’d want you to make the most of it! Hurry on and make the most of both Black Friday & Cyber Monday to get the ultimate boxing and martial arts gear on the market! Happy shopping!

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